On your special day, it’s all about Y-O-U! You’re the one turning a year older, so you want to surround yourself with your favorite people, your favorite foods, favorite songs, and more. You just want to have fun at your next birthday bash, so follow this super important birthday party planning checklist to be stress-free and ready to party when the day comes! 

Birthday Party Planning Hacks

1. Location, location, location

Make sure your venue and your wallet can take care of all of your guests. No one wants to be squeezed into a tight space, so keep that in mind when planning and budgeting. Try and find a fun and unique place to hold it that everyone will remember, like a roller rink or a beautiful, beachfront venue!

2. Create your perfect guest list

Remember that this party is to celebrate the birthday person, and it should be filled with people they love and who love them back. This is not networking, it’s a birthday party! Keep in mind the type of people you’re inviting, too. If it’s going to be mostly adults at this shindig, find a spot with adult beverages and trivia games for entertainment. On the other hand, when it comes to kids, it’s important to be flexible and go with the flow. Plan lots of games and activities, even if you might not get to everything on the itinerary. It’s a lot better to have too many ideas than not enough. 

3. Get crazy creative with your theme

Choose a theme for your party and encourage guests to go all out. Costumes, games, decorations, even make the snacks fit the theme you’re going for! Don’t be afraid to consult social media for some inspiration. A recent party trend is to have guests dress up as characters or people with the same name as the birthday guest of honor. (ex. A party for Sam might have guests like Sam I Am, Uncle Sam, Sammi Sweetheart from Jersey Shore, etc.)

4. Don’t get lost in the sauce

Nothing makes a party slow to start like eighty different texts telling the host that they can’t find where the party is. Eliminate this problem with fun, colorful signage directing everyone where to go. Plus, it’s sometimes just fun to tell everyone you’re having a party!

5. Present them with a present plan

We all love surprises on our birthday, but don’t leave your guests completely in the dark. Set up a gift budget, a theme, or even make an Amazon Wishlist and send it out to all of your guests. If you’re feeling super thankful this year,  find a charity you love and ask your guests to donate on your behalf instead.

6. Hire a DJ

When it comes time for a party, you’d much rather have your phone on hand for pictures and selfies rather than playing music the whole time. Create the perfect playlist with all the birthday person’s favorite hits and jams and play it on a laptop, or even hire a DJ!

7. Serve it up!

Don’t work too hard on your birthday. Get party platters or plan catering of all your favorites and get YOUR favorite cake to celebrate with. It is your birthday after all! 

8. Let the games begin

Get creative with the games and make it about the guest of honor. Hold a trivia tournament about the birthday person and all of their favorite things, hold a dance competition, limbo, you name it! Don’t be afraid to put fun spins on old classics, too, like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

9. Say cheese!

Trust us, you’re going to want to remember this day. Set up a fun photo booth at your party with props and a fun background so you can remember everyone who came out to celebrate you.

10. Favorable favors

Thank everyone for coming out to celebrate your special day with one-of-a-kind favors like delicious snacks and candy or cheeky gifts. There are plenty of affordable options for customizing favors with the guest of honor’s name so they’ll never forget who they were celebrating.

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