Fall is a beautiful season for a wedding. The leaves of many colors resemble an artist’s palette as they swirl around in the air. There are such vivid colors to use in your fall wedding ceremony: amber orange, crimson red, butterscotch yellow, frost blue, plum purple, walnut brown, and forest green all in varying shades. The experts at Salero On the Beach want to offer some dream fall beach wedding ideas. From uptown sophisticated to relaxed country, we’ve got some recommendations for you.

1. Velvet and Lace

Were you one of many girls that dreamed of a beautiful lace wedding dress with a long train? Did you wish for plush velvet dresses on your bridesmaids? If so, fall is the season to fulfill that dream. A fall wedding with velvet bridesmaid’s dresses in jewel-toned ruby, emerald, sapphire, or deep purple can look extraordinary. Wedding dresses with flowing lace have always been stylish for fall and winter weddings. Beading and heavy embroidery add to the elegance of the gown. A thin, lace high neckline, sleeves, and veil make the bride feel and look like a queen. Many brides are going back to a long train and even thin lace gloves. 

The groom and groomsmen can dress in formal tuxedos, in darker colors. Black, grey, and dark blue are very popular. A fall wedding on the beach is a beautiful opportunity to show off the extraordinary color combinations that go with this season. The white sands of a beach wedding highlight your chosen colors and themes.

2. Pure Country and Casual

A fall wedding is perfect for country lovers to have their celebration. You can wear your boots with your fancy or simple wedding dress. The bridesmaids can also wear their boots with a dress that is split in the middle to show them off. Pick varying shades for the dresses and/or varying designs so the ladies can enjoy them later. The Groomsmen can wear their boots and nice jeans, depending on how traditional you choose to go. 

A beach wedding celebrates nature, and there is no more beautiful scene than the sunset over the water. The beach is the perfect place for line dancing, the Two-Step, the Country Waltz, and the Country Polka. An open-air beach wedding means you can invite everyone you want with no space limitations or noise complaints. Imagine yourself riding up from one side of the beach on a horse and your groom riding up on a horse from the other side. How romantic and exciting would that be? 

3. Falling for Fall

Go all-in with fall aesthetics! Warm comfort foods are the goal. Some of the best foods for a fall wedding include soups, chilis, macaroni and cheese, and stews. Roasted chicken or pot roast is a better choice of entrees than baked chicken or fish. Drinks should include coffees and mulled wines, and hot toddies. 

Simple table arrangements of clipped tree branches with bright leaves are beautiful. Sunflowers and pampas grass blooms also make gorgeous accents for table arrangements. Use pumpkins for vases, clean them out, then put floral arrangements in them. Apples and mini pumpkins can be tea-light candle holders. Use decorative cabbages, wheat, and mini pumpkins for table decorations. Pomegranates, pinecones, eucalyptus, apples, corn, and nuts are also useful. Seasonal flowers for the bouquets can include pastel roses, dahlias, rose hips, and ranunculus. Scabiosa, strawflowers, zinnias, forget-me-nots, and nigellas are also popular. Eucalyptus and hydrangeas are lovely in bouquets and arrangements. 

Salero On the Beach would love to help you coordinate these fall beach wedding ideas. We can make your dreams of a fall wedding on the beach a reality. Contact us at 302.841.2229 or email dawnhorton@soleroonthebeach.com.