Corporate parties are a wonderful way to strengthen relationships between employers, employees, clients, or potential clients. These gatherings are commonly held outside of the structured work environment and sponsored by the company. A corporate event planner can help bring to life the event you envision.

Corporate gatherings help build strong connections. They are meant to show appreciation and celebrate the successes achieved within the company. It is an opportunity to come together and unwind. Here is a look at three themes for parties everyone is sure to enjoy at a corporate event.

Masquerade Ball

Who doesn’t love a masquerade? Music, dancing, and food are fundamental for this themed event. It is traditionally held in the evening with black-tie attire, but a less formal ball is just as fun. A masquerade ball is a great way to switch things up from the daily grind. 

Some masquerade party themes include:

  • Venetian Carnival – Masquerade balls became an important tradition during the 16th and 17th centuries in Venice. Awaken that time again!
  • The 1920s – Bring back the roaring twenties; revive the foxtrot and Charleston dance crazes.
  • Futuristic theme – Party into the next millennium! A futuristic theme is exciting and allows for boundless creativity. 

Include a best outfit competition to raise the stakes. Also, have extra masks on hand as not everyone may have the time to purchase one.

Dancing Through the Decades

This party theme covers all bases. No need to choose just one decade; celebrate them all. This event will center around music and dancing the night away. The décor can timeline the ‘50s to the modern day. Music should include the greatest hits of each era and inspire the dance moves of that time. Bring back the hand jive of the 1950s, and boogie the night away to ‘70s disco.

Guests get to choose their attire according to their preferred decade. Fun beverages for this corporate event can range from milkshakes to old-fashioned pop soda.

Stand Out Awards

This is a high-energy, entertaining party theme. An award show event can be serious or comedic in nature, or even both. Plan for the prizes beforehand by including employees in the process. Brainstorm a list of funny awards, and send it around the office for votes. Ask employees to nominate their colleagues.  Don’t limit awards to common certificates. Distribute prizes or trophies as well.   

Some creative award ideas include most likely to take a two-hour lunch, best morning greeter, and Duct Tape, an award given to that one employee that can fix anything. Plan awards to offer both genuine and amusing recognition.

Make it feel like an actual award show with red carpet and formal dining if opting for a more serious event.  Fancy cocktails circulating the room and soft jazz music playing in the background will set off the mood. These add-ons can make the night even more memorable:

  • Give away goodie bags at the end of the evening. This can include company merchandise with logos or edible treats for guests to enjoy later.
  • Hire a sketch artist that can replicate the evening on canvas.
  • Include interactive areas to ensure communication between attendees such as food stations like a stir-fry or burger stand. Photo booths are also a great way to allow guests to come together.

An event planner can provide you with different party themes and can be an asset in putting it all together. Themed corporate parties create unity and provide an escape from everyday life.  

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