You said yes to the engagement; now it’s time to say yes to the dress.  If you’re getting married in the summer, what better place for the celebration than the beach?  It’s beautiful, relaxing, and fun for the couple and guests alike.  When it comes to wedding dresses for the beach, there are a few things to consider that aren’t as important for ceremonies held indoors.  Here are three tips for choosing a beach wedding dress for this summer.

Pick a Cool, Comfortable Fabric 

If you’re spending a summer day at the ocean, you can just about guarantee that it will be hot.  Many couples choose to have their ceremonies in the evening or partially under a tent for this reason.  When deciding on your dress for a beach wedding, look for something that won’t overheat you.  You want something light and breathable that won’t make you sweat even more.

There are several fabrics perfectly suited for this occasion.  Silk stays quite cool, and tulle, organza, and chiffon are all quite light.  Lace is a bit trickier.  Some lace is very heavy and warm, while other kinds are thinner and more suited for a beach wedding dress.  Make sure to tell the store you are buying a dress from that it’s a dress for a beach wedding.  They will be able to help you stay cool on your special day.

Think About Style vs. Practicality 

Many people have a picture of exactly what they will look like on their wedding day from a relatively young age.  This may fit well into the category of wedding dresses for the beach, or it may not.  Don’t let your desired style override your logic.  Thick layers and long sleeves are not your friends.  Instead, think tank top or sleeveless dresses with short or no train to minimize picking up sand.  

Avoid styles that keep your legs pinned together, such as mermaid dresses.  These will make you sweatier as well as make it more difficult to get around.  A beach wedding dress has every right to be a bit more casual, just like the event itself may be. A light, flowing gown is just the thing to wear by the sea, but feel free to get creative.  Not all brides wear long dresses or even white ones.  Also, consider how much your dress does and doesn’t cover as the wedding gets close.  The last thing you want is strange tan lines showing. 

Don’t Forget Accessories 

When choosing wedding dresses for the beach, it is also important to consider what else you will be wearing.  Thinking about the whole ensemble as you shop can help everything come together perfectly.  Are you going to wear some kind of flat or wedge, or will you go barefoot in the sand?  Veils are not very practical at outdoor weddings since the beach is often very windy.  Updos are also popular for the same reason.  Therefore, it’s important to choose a beach wedding dress that you love all of and don’t expect to cover with a veil or your hair.  You can even consider the type of flowers you’d like and how those will go with the dress. 

Looking for a Beach Wedding Venue? 

Now you know all the best tips for dress at your beach wedding, but do you have a location?  Salero has beautiful oceanfront views and a fully renovated ballroom.  It’s the perfect space to host an indoor or outdoor beach wedding of any size.  Call (302) 841-2229 or visit our website to learn more.