One of the first things people choose for their wedding is the venue.  There is a lot to consider.  Do you want your ceremony to be nearby or would you like a destination wedding?  Would you prefer to be in a church or have an outdoor wedding?  Beach wedding venues are very popular.  There are many benefits to having your wedding at the beach, from a beautiful background for your photos to already being at a honeymoon destination.  Here are three tips for choosing the best beach wedding venue.

Think About the Weather 

Most people associate a beach wedding with the summer.  However, you can technically have an oceanfront ceremony at any time of year.  You’ll just need to consider how the weather may impact your celebration.  No matter the season, you want to pick a beach wedding venue that has indoor space available.  The last thing you want is for a rainstorm to ruin your special day.  Have a backup plan, whether that’s a tent or a building. 

Even if the sun shines all day long, it is nice to look at beach wedding venues with both indoor and outdoor event spaces for things like shade and air conditioning.  Being in the direct sun all day is tiring, so limit the amount of time your guests have to bake in the heat.  Having an indoor reception can be a good compromise.

Consider Your Budget 

Weddings are expensive events.  There are so many things to be paid for, from the clothing to the food to the music to the venue.  You might think that beach wedding venues are more expensive than others, but this is not the case.  In fact, a beach wedding may be cheaper than doing a ceremony and reception at two separate places since you’re only renting one venue.  This gives you space to pay a little more for an oceanside view rather than having to reserve half the funds for the other part of the event.

When you factor in the cost of catering, music, and decor, your budget can start to feel a little thin.  Thankfully, most beach wedding venues offer on-site staff that can help you with the wedding plan.  They also have their own services or offer discounts with local vendors.  As you decide on a beach wedding venue, think about which place is the most budget-friendly while also providing the look you want. 

Factor in Your Guests  

Your wedding day is about you, but it also involves a lot of other people.  Friends and family want to celebrate alongside you, which means they want to be at the ceremony if possible.  If your beach wedding is going to be a destination wedding, make sure to tell your guests well in advance so they can plan to travel.  It is also a good idea to reserve a hotel block or at least make some suggestion of where people can stay.  Some beach wedding venues have lodging on-site, which could work well for you and your guests.

You also want to make sure that your family and friends can get to your beach wedding on the day.  If your ceremony is on the sand, make sure there is a plan for how any guests that are elderly or have mobility issues will get to their seats.  Be cautious of beach wedding venues with remote locations, as they may be difficult for people to attend.  Many places offer transportation to the beach from their lodging or main building.

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