When it comes to holiday parties, it may seem like everything has already been done.  The holidays themselves are fine as a theme, right?  Sure, but have you ever considered combining beach party themes with the holidays?  Here are three unique theme ideas for holidays at the beach that everyone is sure to love.

Christmas in July 

What better way to combine beach themes with the holidays than Christmas in July?  The pseudo-holiday already features images of Santa on vacation and sandmen instead of snowmen.  It’s the perfect party theme for holidays by the beach that people of all ages can enjoy.

For a Christmas in July (or more like July at Christmas) party, you can have your typical holiday-themed activities with a vacation twist.  You could decorate Christmas cookies shaped like surfboards and sunglasses or have a white elephant gift exchange where everyone brings a gift with beach themes.  Guests can wear ugly patterned floral shirts instead of ugly holiday sweaters.  The possibilities are endless when you combine the wonder of Christmas with the relaxation of summer vacation.

Under the Sea 

Holidays at the beach are by definition ocean-related.  Why not capitalize on that fact and make your beach party themes all about the water?  This is not your typical holiday party, which makes it that much more exciting for guests.  You can include as many or as few holidays by the beach vibes as you’d like.  Maybe you want a Christmas tree decorated with starfish and coral ornaments, or maybe you want to skip the tree altogether and have all decor linked directly to the under-the-sea theme.

If the weather cooperates, this beach party theme is a perfect excuse to spend part of your holidays by the beach actually on the beach.  Allow guests to walk along the shore or arrange specific outdoor activities.  You could also serve hot, themed drinks to warm everyone up as they come back inside.  

Frozen Ocean Wonderland 

Depending on where you are at, the beach does not look the same in the winter as it does in summer.  Some beaches even get a little bit of snow.  Incorporate this into your holiday beach party themes by having a frozen ocean wonderland bash.  Decorate with whites and blues, combining shoreside elements with classic winter colors. 

Although not as specifically beach-themed as it could be, a frozen wonderland holiday party is still a unique take on the typical red-and-green festivities.  This is another chance to have guests experience the holidays by the beach by actually going outdoors and walking on the snowy sand.  Campfires on the sand are a fun way to stay warm in the winter while still enjoying the holidays at the beach.  Cozying up by the fire also fits into the theme quite well. 

Looking to Spend Your Holidays at the Beach? 

Are you excited by the thought of holidays by the beach but aren’t sure where to go?  Salero has you covered.  We have the perfect oceanside space to decorate with beach party themes all year long.  Salero has a large, open venue space that is completely customizable, so feel free to choose a unique theme for your get-together.  Everything from dancing to games to showing a movie or slideshow is possible.

Hosting a party at Salero is easy.  We provide everything from planning services to catering.  With three different dining packages available, there is sure to be something perfect for your holidays at the beach.  Call (302) 841-2229 or visit us online to start planning your holiday party today.