It’s easy to cross beaches off of a list of potential venues for your next big event because of the variable factors like weather and surf. But you’ve decided to take the plunge and set up an amazing beach party for your next event. Good for you!  You’ve done a great job so far, so now, we’re going to give you just a few, last-minute tips and tricks to think about to take this party over the edge from “awesome” to “unforgettable.” Whether it’s an engagement party, a beach birthday bash, a corporate shindig, or a luau just for the fun of it, your guests will be clambering for an invite to your next event!

Time Your Beach Birthday Party Just Right

Show up a few hours before your event starts to set up and deal with any day-of surprises that every party eventually is going to have. If you give yourself time to do things right, you don’t have to worry about guests showing up while you’re in the middle of decorating, and instead, you’ll get to greet your guests stress-free and knowing everything is in its place. Leave yourself time AFTER the party too to handle cleaning up and settling up with the venue. The venue’s staff will be able to help you out and you’ll get to reminisce on what an amazing event you just threw and all the memories you made as you finish up the last few details. 

For Beach Parties, Find Venues with Indoor and Outdoor Options 

You’ve made the smart decision and booked a venue with indoor and outdoor accommodations so that guests can cool off in the sun or leave their drink somewhere safe while they go get a tan. Great! Now, you’ll want to make sure guests make the most of the location. During the most beautiful and sunny part of the day, bring everyone out for a good, old-fashioned tug of war or a sand-castle building competition. If people are looking to take a break from the sun or escape a little drizzle, have activities prepared inside, like a fun, luau-themed photo booth or a game of limbo! 

Be Considerate of the Beach Environment

Get familiar with the rules of the venue well before your party is set to begin and inform your guests of any important restrictions regarding glass, pets, beach toys, or umbrellas so no one shows up with or without anything that could put a damper on things. Think ahead when shopping for party supplies. Be on the lookout for beach-friendly table settings and decorations, if the wind blows something away and you can’t get it back, you don’t want to do any damage to the beautiful beach venue with pollution. If your guests are planning on splashing around in the waves, advise them to find wide-spectrum, eco-friendly sunscreen or even provide some to partygoers so that they stay safe from the UV rays AND take care of Mother Earth. Basically, at beach parties, leave the beach as beautiful as you found it!

Serve Up When the Surf’s Up!

The rules are different from beach to beach about glass, so just to be safe, serve up your drinks in a fun, colorful tiki mug! Safer and it will fit your theme perfectly! With beaches and booze on the itinerary, it’s important to remind everyone to stay hydrated! Make sure it’s in the budget for your venue to offer everyone water throughout the day or bring a case or two of water bottles yourself to make sure the only type of thirsty your guests are is thirsty for a good time.

Looking for a Place to Host a Beach Party Birthday? 

Want to have a beach birthday party but not sure where to host it? Salero has everything you need and more!  Our beautiful oceanfront venue has spaces for indoor and outdoor events, with an expert staff ready to accommodate and assist in everything from planning to catering to clean up. To learn more, visit Salero online or call (302) 841-2229

It’s important to know the Do’s and Don’t’s of Planning a Beach Birthday Party, so get a few more tips before diving into the planning phase.