When you think “corporate events,” there might be some unflattering images that pop into your head. You might imagine people in suits shuffling from hall to hall, from PowerPoint to PowerPoint. They are probably clutching the pen they got as a gift for attending, and wondering when lunch is going to come to give them some reprieve. But corporate events don’t have to feel that way. Allow us to bust these corporate event planning myths so you can feel more confident about planning an interesting, informative, and memorable event!

Myths to Keep in Mind When Planning Corporate Events 

Myth 1: The Guests Need to Spend Every Second Learning and Listening

Don’t let your entire event be a conga line of speakers and PowerPoints. Not only will you overwhelm your attendees, the chances that they’re going to retain ALL of that information are very low. Break up the day and keep your guests moving around and active! Think about what your stakeholders’ goals for this event were, and find ways to deliver your message in an interactive and memorable way. Split up presentations with interactive skill-building seminars and award ceremonies for employee achievements. Also do Q&A sessions or breakout groups, and maybe even a cocktail hour! Give people a chance to talk to each other, network, decompress, and process the information. At the end of the day, offer entertainment for guests to unwind with, too. Make sure they feel appreciated for coming all the way out to hear what you have to say!

Myth 2: Last Year’s Event Plan Will Work Just Fine for This Year

Even if it’s the same conference the company has been holding every year for over a decade, something is always going to be different. Whether it’s budget, attendance, venue, or catering, even the smallest change in details might mean a lot of things change in the long run. We recommend you approach every corporate event planning with the important questions in mind: Do we need to book hotels? How are people getting to the event venue? Are we expected to cater the event? What do we need in terms of audio-visual equipment, microphones, projectors, and more? Are any other big events going on during the event? Are we going offsite at all? Now, this isn’t to say that there isn’t a lot to learn from past events either! Check past budgets and invoices to make sure you’re not overpaying for something, and use established connections if you can.

Myth 3: All Corporate Events Have to be in a Convention Hall

Again, think about what your stakeholders are hoping to achieve. If they want to impress some potential investors or really show appreciation for loyal employees and clients, then try to find a venue that’s going to deliver!  Get creative and don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Take attendees to a beautiful oceanfront venue, historical buildings, botanical gardens, or even a museum to guarantee an unforgettable event that will make attendees feel important. Also, think virtual! If you think an-in person event won’t have the reach you want for what you’re trying to accomplish, go digital. Hold live streams, breakout groups, and webinars, instead. Even if your event is in person, have links to live videos of presentations available on your site for those who couldn’t make it! The extra effort is worth making your event accessible to everyone. 

Myth 4: The Event Will Market Itself

Don’t rely on a single email and word of mouth to guarantee attendance to this event, and don’t get caught the day of the event directing traffic outside the venue because no one knows where to park. Put all the important information about who, what, where, when, and why of your event on a website or mobile app. Anything from registration to parking validation and entry passes can be on this website, so if you’ve never made a website or app for an event before, leave some room in the budget to have someone create it professionally.  Generate excitement and spread the word leading up to your event with email campaigns and by posting on social media about important speakers, events, and raffles!

Venues for Events 

In today’s business world, corporate events are opportunities to boost morale, build connections, and show appreciation. Many decisions must be made to ensure a successful and memorable event. Salero corporate event packages can help make your corporate event professional and accommodating. Reach out today to see how we can assist you in creating a fresh, fun, and memorable corporate event!