A family reunion is a wonderful time to reconnect with your loved ones. No matter what the occasion is, a party on the beach is a great way to create beautiful memories that will serve as a happy reminder for years to come. Rehoboth Beach is a great getaway for people of all ages, with something to do for everyone! No matter where you find yourself in Rehoboth, the views are picture-perfect. 

Reason #1: The Henlopen Hotel

Too often, people book flights and take long drives to attend family reunions just to stay for only a night and head home right away in the morning. Sleeping arrangements may be rushed and uncomfortable, and it might be difficult to coordinate with all of your family members. When you stay at the Henlopen, you can make your party into a 3-day adventure, if you’d really like.

Located directly on the boardwalk, the Henlopen hotel houses our venue here at Salero. When you book your family reunion with us, your loved ones can also book rooms in the Henlopen. Once your rooftop party is over, you can head downstairs to your rooms, and spend the rest of your time enjoying the wonderful aesthetics in Rehoboth! The convenience is extremely comforting, and it opens up many opportunities for the family to walk and talk together as they move from adventure to adventure! 

Reason #2: Downtown Rehoboth

Your family can book rooms that are close by, making your adventures in Downtown Rehoboth easy to coordinate! You’ll all be dazzled by the charming boardwalk and downtown area. With restaurants, spas, and plenty of shops there’s something for everyone in the family. Try out local specialties like Doelle’s Popcorn and saltwater taffy from Candy Kitchen. For the adults, check out one (or more!) of the five craft breweries or seafood restaurants. 

Reason #3: Unbeatable Views

Spending time outside after a long winter (or long quarantine!) is an important part of re-integrating with regular life. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen some of your family, it can be that much more memorable to connect with them in the presence of wonderfully scenic views! When you look out at the ocean and reminisce on all of those good times, the sounds of children’s laughter will meld with the ocean as the golden sun sets. You can dance, drink, and be merry, and everywhere you look will be a great view! 

Reason #4: Tax-Free Shopping

Staying at the Henlopen hotel can help you save money on your shopping! Coming to Delaware is a treat for anyone from out of state. You also get to enjoy the perks of having no sales tax. As you and your loved ones wander around in Rehoboth, you’ll find that you don’t have to pay as much for the things you buy, which can help take pressure off the event. Spending too much money when you’re celebrating can be a source of stress, and being able to cut out those taxes is a unique experience! 

Want to Know More?

If you are already ready to book, great! We’re happy to help you plan and host your rooftop party, in addition to coordination with the Henlopen hotel for your family’s room bookings. If you want to hear even more details, we are also ready to chat with you about all of the wonderful things Salero has to offer. Our event planning specialists are here to take your call at (302) 841-2229. 

Explore our website further for more party planning tips. Our blog is filled with information about the events we do, in addition to more information about things to do in Rehoboth. Whether you need beach party ideas or family reunion ideas, we’ve got you covered! Planning events is no joke, and that’s why we don’t take it lightly. Let’s create memories together!