Couples can choose to renew their vows at any time. Some choose to celebrate every five years, while others wait 25 or even 50 years. It is a personal choice meant to honor the love and commitment you have been sharing with your partner throughout your marriage. A vow renewal is a time to proclaim victory in the ups and downs of a strong union. 

You have reached a milestone as a couple and now it is time to celebrate that achievement. You want something intimate and memorable. Couples usually plan and host their own renewals. At times, their children will take the lead. Either way, a well-organized event displaying your love is the end goal. 

Planning your vow renewal ceremony is not as difficult as coordinating a wedding. Most tend to keep the guest list small, opting for a casual event with no specific dress code and no gifts required. Others want to fancy it up a bit more, especially if their initial wedding did not pan out as desired. 

Whether casual or lavish, specific details will help you design a ceremony you’re sure to remember and cherish. Here are five intimate vow renewal ideas sure to make your day special.  

1. Choosing the Right Location

The budget has been set. A personal celebration between close family and friends will be taking place. Now it is time to choose a venue. 

There are many options available when considering where to hold your vow renewal. Focusing on things you both enjoy can help determine the type of atmosphere that compliments the connection. For couples that love nature, outside space is the way to go. 

Many couples choose a beach destination, as it is considered one of the most romantic places for celebrating unions. The ceremony is held seaside with luminous waters as your backdrop. This beachfront vow renewal is followed up by an indoor reception with catered food, music, and dancing. 

2. Personalize the Ceremony

The night should be all about you and your partner. As a couple, you have grown and built a sturdy foundation. Why not show that development through video slides or a picture montage? A love timeline is romantic and quite the tearjerker.

Include your family and friends in reflecting on old times. They’re a great resource for ideas for renewing vows. You can even continue this on the day of the event. Place paper and pen on chairs for them to write down their favorite memories of you as a couple.

3. Lighting

Do not underestimate the power of light. A spotlight of translucent and blue hues descending over the dinner tables gives off a different vibe than soft violet light along the edges of the room. If you are celebrating outside in nature, string lights can add a dreamy touch. The right illumination will manifest that cozy feeling felt in small gatherings. Speak to the event coordinator to design the look and feel you want. 

4. Music

Music will set off the mood. Every couple has that one song that reminds them of their relationship. Make sure to incorporate it into your playlist. The first dance at a wedding ceremony is memorable. You could do something similar at your view renewal or choose to mix it up. 

5. Vow Renewals

It cannot get more intimate than the sharing of personal vows. This is where the rawness of feelings takes place. Take your time writing them. Remind each other why you fell in love. These elements will help you create that intimate atmosphere you seek.

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