If the idea of a rustic wedding has always appealed to you, then you are not alone and that dream may be closer to reality than you think. Weddings are getting more and more unique by the year. Rustic weddings have always presented a romantic setting that has allowed them to remain popular throughout generations. 

1. Choice a Rustic Barn or Garden Setting

The setting plays a huge role in creating the feel of a rustic wedding. Barns and gardens are great options for rustic weddings because they provide an open template to add your personal creative flairs. Barns allow you to add rustic details on top of the already vintage and regal atmosphere. Gardens give similar flexibility through their rustic setting. Consider vine backgrounds and other plants that create the desired feel you are aiming for.

2. Host Your Wedding Outdoors 

While indoor weddings can be enchanting in their own way, outdoor weddings take the rustic atmosphere to the next level. Outdoor weddings allow for rustic tabletops, flowers, and wooden features. All of these natural details enhance the sophisticated rustic environment. 

3. Consider Lighting that is Rustic and Elegant

When thinking of rustic touches, lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, lighting options such as wood chandeliers or hanging lamps provide great touches. If you are hosting your wedding at a barn or cabin, rustic lighting really stands out. They set the mood and backdrop for the night and have the potential to really propel your rustic wedding to the next level. 

4. Allow the Food Menu to Highlight the Rustic Feel

Depending on who you invite to your wedding and the amount of importance food brings to you and your wedding, you may be willing to experiment with the food options at your wedding. Keep in mind that not everyone will be open to all foods, especially when accommodating two different families. There are tastes that are bound to crash. 

However, if you are open to experimenting with the menu, certain foods provide a rustic feel more than others. Pulled pork sliders and mac n cheese are great options for a rustic wedding that is casual yet sophisticated. Other casual dishes also work great such as steak, chicken, or salmon. For whatever food you decide on, menus can be printed in a rustic way. Wood menus are easy to design and take your rustic wedding to the next level. 

5. Choose Rustic Colors

If you have already started planning your wedding in your head, then surely you have a few dream colors in mind. For rustic weddings, just about any color will work as long as it fits in with the other materials. You have probably already decided on rustic flowers and vineyards. To match this, consider blush white and neutral colors to allow these features to pop. Other great color options are champagne, light brown, and dark green. These options are modest and allow your rustic setting to really stand out. Just about any color will work in a rustic wedding if it matches correctly and you plan out your rustic features accordingly. After all, your wedding is a day that only happens once so feel free to make it your own as much as you want!

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