Weddings are all about you as a couple, about beauty and romance.  What is prettier and more romantic than choosing the beach for that special day?  Here are five reasons you should have beach weddings in 2021.

You’ll save money with a beach wedding

This might be surprising, but couples who have a beach wedding often end up spending less money than those who opt for a more traditional wedding.  This is because these types of weddings are often at resorts that allow you to buy everything at one low price.  Instead of paying separate companies for flowers, food, music, and more, simply pick a package from an oceanside wedding venue.  There’s no paying to rent separate locations for the ceremony and reception, either.  Your pocket will thank you, and so will your honeymoon fund.

Outdoor spaces of beach wedding venues, equal bigger guest lists

It’s 2021, and the coronavirus pandemic is still in full swing.  Many states have limits on how many people can gather indoors.  If a small guest list is not your style, why not opt for a beach wedding theme?  There is plenty of space by the shore for guests to spread out and enjoy your special day safely. 

People have also been cooped up in their homes for over a year.  Many families have canceled vacations due to the pandemic.  Give your guests a little taste of the old normal by offering an excuse to spend a weekend by the ocean.  

Less planning 

Beach weddings at resorts don’t only save you money; they also take less time to plan.  Since there are fewer vendors to talk to, you’re saving time there.  Even if your wedding is out of town, the venue will get everything ready beforehand.  A beach wedding theme speaks for itself, so you really just have to pick a few colors and then show up for final checks before the big day. 

Beautiful location (and pictures!) 

What better backdrop for your ceremony than the sparkling, blue ocean?  With a beach venue, you’ll get to enjoy gorgeous views.  Your wedding photos are bound to be stunning as well, with the beach offering endless possibilities.  Pictures taken during golden hour and sunset are always a hit, and the wide-open sky at the beach will just enhance the amazing lighting. 

Comfort for everyone 

When you think of the beach, you picture a vacation or somewhere you relax.  Beach weddings have the same vibe.  While the dress code can be whatever you want, many couples who have a wedding on the beach choose to go casual.  Outfits fit with the beach wedding theme, meaning bare feet instead of heels and Bermuda shorts instead of tuxes.  You and your guests are bound to be comfortable at a wedding on the beach.

Because people are likely traveling to beach weddings, they also get a mini-vacation out of the event.  Many couples choose to honeymoon at the same beach they had their wedding at.  This saves even more time and money.  It’s another great reason to plan your wedding at the beach this year. 

Looking for a venue for a wedding on the beach? 

Excited by a beach wedding theme but not sure where to go?  Salero is a gorgeous oceanfront venue that is perfect for beach weddings. Have your ceremony right on the sand at Rehoboth Beach, then move the reception inside our newly renovated ballroom. Salero has wedding packages that include everything from the food to the DJ. We make planning a beautiful wedding simple and stress-free.  Call (302) 841-2229 or visit us online to learn more.