Corporate events are anything but dull and boring! In true holiday spirit, now is your chance to generously plan a holiday party your team will love. Step away from meetings, to-do lists, goals, and the hustle and bustle of work life. Give your team a dazzling holiday party this year! 

Here at Salero, we know that planning a corporate event can feel overwhelming. This is why we’ve compiled a list of activities to bring to this year’s gathering, so you don’t have to! 

These unique ideas are a sure-fire way to boost employee morale, and bring a sense of lightheartedness to work. Kick back, relax, and revel in this year’s holiday season.

Engaging Holiday Party Ideas to Amp Up the Fun

1. Host a Raffle or Giveaway

Nothing says “holiday spirit” quite like a giveaway or raffle! Who doesn’t love to win prizes? Get creative with the selection this year. Try tickets to a show, a giftcard to a Michelin-Star restaurant, or a day-pass to a spa! 

Show your employees how you appreciate their hard work with esteemed prizes.

2. Ice-Breakers

Ice-breakers can actually be a lot of fun! This is especially great if the majority of your office is remote. 

Try holiday-themed charades, holiday trivia, or a scavenger hunt! Anything to get everyone to work as a team. Ice-breakers are a great way to foster connection outside of work.

3. Hire a Live Band

Live music can really lift spirits! Hire a big-band jazz ensemble to play Christmas tunes all evening. 

Host a dance contest for a fun, competitive edge. Don’t forget to offer prizes to the winners! Or for a more elegant take, hire a string quartet, singer, or classic pianist. 

4. Themed Gift-Exchange

Offer a twist to this season’s gift exchange. Secret Santa is definitely festive, but what if you had everyone work with a specific theme this year? For example, everyone can only give books, music, or something crafty. 

You can even have everyone only give something that’s green or red! Tune into the culture at your workplace – what sorts of gifts would everyone connect to the most?

5. Cookie-Decorating Contest

Have your team show off their creative skills with a cookie decorating contest!

Provide everyone with the proper supplies. Think cookies, sprinkles, frosting, edible gold, and other delectable holiday treats. Give everyone a time limit to decorate their cookies. They can work in pairs, teams, or solo. Whoever’s cookies are deemed most creative, wins a prize!

Holiday Party Themes for Work

Giving your corporate holiday party a theme is also a great way to engage your team! The ugly-sweater theme has really seemed to sweep the everyday workplace in the last few years. If you’re not one for an ugly Christmas sweater, no sweat, we’ve got some other options for you.

Give back to your community with a fundraiser. Depending on the cause you’d like to donate to, center your party around just that. Consider donating to a local animal shelter, and bring in some adorable adoptees! There’s nothing like dogs or cats to boost holiday spirit.

Keep the champagne flowing with a Glam-Holiday theme. Encourage everyone to come dressed in their Sunday best. It’s not everyday you get to see your coworkers dressed to the nines! Make this year’s event extra special.

There’s so many themes to play with. Try a masquerade ball, holiday murder mystery, holiday night maket, or a holiday movie-marathon. No matter what you do, the intention and details are what make a holiday party truly memorable.

Book Your Next Corporate Event with Salero

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