Give your fellow colleagues, employees, managers, or team members a night they’ll never forget. Summer is a time for pure celebration! The sun stays out later, the air is warm and refreshing. There is a feeling of total relaxation and bliss permeating the air – planning an amazing corporate event can be a total breeze in the summertime! Giving your company a big summer bash is a great way to reward employees for the hard work they’ve put in throughout the year. Corporate parties can be motivating, team-building, and a fantastic way to extend your appreciation to the team. Here are five party-planning tips to make your corporate event something people will talk about for years to come.

Planning Corporate Events 101: Major Tips and Tricks

It’s no secret that people want to enjoy their time at work. The ever-evolving work culture in the U.S. is leaning more towards employee appreciation. People want to know that they will be rewarded for their dedication and hard work. This is why it can be a major gesture of appreciation to throw a party for your team. It’s also a huge perk for employees, and can be appealing to potential applicants as well! A big summer bash, held annually, gives your company something to look forward to. They can bring friends, loved ones, and family members, making it memorable for all. For the best event possible, you may want to consider these suggestions:

1. Photo Booth Fun

Rent out a professional photo booth. Or create your very own DIY photo station stocked to the brim with summer-themed props and costumes! Rent out digital or polaroid cameras so guests can snap their own shots of the evening. This is guaranteed to become one of the highlights of the night. You can even project people’s outrageous photos onto a screen for everyone to enjoy and revel in! 

2. Create a Signature Summer Cocktail

If you plan on taking advantage of the bar, you’re going to want a signature cocktail to really WOW your guests. This is an engaging way to get your employees involved in the party-planning process, too – have a cocktail contest! You can have each member of the team submit a creative drink concoction of their making. Encourage creative and “punny” names related to work. Through a series of votes, you can boil the top contenders down to 5, 4, or 3 options. Have your team vote on their favorite, and whichever drink wins, will be served at the party!

3. Hire Great Entertainment

This evening is to give your company a chance to really let loose, enjoy themselves, and relax after a grueling work quarter. It’s what the summer is all about, after all. To make your corporate party as fun as possible, you’re going to need to hire top-notch entertainment. Whether that be a live band, a DJ, or an MC, make sure it keeps your guests moving and grooving as the night goes on!

4. Contests, Raffles, and Various Party Activities 

This is a great way to make the party kid-friendly, too. Employees with kids don’t want to drag their children to a boring work event. Planning contests or activities like limbo, a dance-off, or even a karaoke competition will keep your guests engaged and having fun. Another fantastic party activity is a raffle! You can raise money this way as well. Raffle off highly-desired prizes like a spa night, surf lessons, a gift card to a favorite restaurant, or beach supplies.

5. Serve Delectable Food

This is a must when planning your next corporate party. Summertime favorites like fresh mussels, fresh oysters, crisp salads, coconut shrimp, BBQ, and so much more will keep your company talking for months. Food can make or break an event. Oftentimes, mediocre food can be the downfall of a party, while amazing food can be the highlight. Craft a menu that delights the senses.

Plan Your Next Corporate Event with Salero

Summertime is our specialty at Salero. Located on the stunning backdrop of Rehoboth Beach, your guests can revel in the breezy and salty air while they dance the night away. Make your summer corporate event something your employees will cherish forever. Contact us to learn more about our top-tier services. Here at Salero, party planning is what we live for.