Celebrating a wedding anniversary is always special. Celebrating it with family and friends at an anniversary party is even more fun. You and your spouse may host the party or help friends coordinate it. One of the best ways to make the party memorable is to have a great party theme. Our experts at Salero on the Beach offer 5 unique themes for you to consider for your anniversary party ideas.

Time Period

Time period parties can feature any time period you choose. It might be the year you were married, started dating, or even the period when you were born. Also, it can be a period that has significance to your marriage, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be any period that people will have fun dressing up for and enjoying a party designed around. Some ideas include the Roaring 20s, Swinging 60s, or the Free Love 70s. This is always a fun anniversary idea when done well.

Calendar Based

Consider a theme related to the month of your anniversary. If it’s in February, have a big Valentine’s Day anniversary party. It can be sweet and childish with little kid’s Valentine cards or a little more adult, whatever your preference. Halloween parties for October anniversary parties are also great. There is some type of official or nonofficial holiday every month. Find one that suits your purpose and design your own way to celebrate it. Use your imagination.

Hero Party

Another fun anniversary party theme idea is a Hero Party. This theme can be hugely successful if done well. Many husbands and wives consider their spouse as the hero in their life. Seeing them dressed as each other is always hilarious. You may also see superheroes, cowboys, and maybe a few questionable heroes, like political leaders. Help your guests who lack creativity and imagination by compiling a list of hero identities, then make suggestions from the section that piques their interest. Try to keep a list of the costumes that you know people have chosen to avoid duplication whenever possible.

Travel Party

There are many variations to the travel party. You may want to have a party highlighting a place that you wish you could visit, like a lazy beach vacation in Hawaii or a sightseeing trip to Paris. Or you may want to take your guests with you on a fantastic trip you have been on yourselves. The key to the travel party is that you must go all out in terms of native dress, decorations, and food. You have to make your guests feel like they are traveling with you. Add to the atmosphere of this anniversary party idea with train or airplane replica tickets.

Food and Drink Party

For a food and drink party, you select a type of food cuisine and make that the center of your anniversary party theme. Offer several dishes in that cuisine. For example, for Mexican, you can offer Tortas, Enmoladas, and Chiltomate with Totopos. Alcoholic drink choices can be Margarita, Mezcal, and Paloma. Provide water and Horchata and Virgin Sangrias for non-alcoholic choices. Try to offer items that your guests can’t get from their local restaurant. Also, offer appetizers and an original type of dessert. This is similar to a travel party, but fewer decorations are required.

These are only a few of the anniversary party ideas that we have enjoyed with our clients. We are always open to discussing any ideas you may have that need developing. We can help you find the perfect anniversary idea for you and your party. Contact us at Solero on the Beach or call 302-841-2229 to discuss your ideas with us.