We know that many brides-to-be out there are looking for the perfect dress for their winter wedding at the beach. So, we wanted to share some of our favorite tips so you can stay true to your chic winter themewhile staying warm and stylish on your wedding day.

1) Start With the Color Palette

Every beach wedding has a color palette associated with it. For those looking for an icy blue feel, try light blue or teal. Opt for dusty pink or lavender hues for more of a romantic feel. An elegant royal blue beach wedding dress would be perfect for an evening winter beach wedding. White lace beach wedding dresses with sheer layers and long sleeves are perfect for a summer-themed winter beach wedding! Choose dark-colored dresses for bridesmaids because they will not stain easily in the sand. Light-colored dresses will reflect sunlight better and make you look more radiant, while a waterproof fabric like tulle or lace is also breathable and comfy in cold weather.

2) Picking the Perfect Dress for Your Body Type

You have to find a dress that will look good on you and your body type, but also keep in mind that you will be outside at a beach. A lace dress is a good option because it is a light fabric, which will not feel heavy and provide plenty of ventilation. Once you pair this with removable layers, you can change up the style and warmth, depending on where the ceremony and reception are taking placeand any activities for the evening. 

Winter beach wedding dresses are ideal for cold-accustomed people in colder climates. Plus, they can fit most different styles of dresses too! 

3) Opt for a Cold Shoulder or Off-the-Shoulder Silhouette

One of the most popular trends in fashion right now is cold shoulders and off-the-shoulder silhouettes. A cold shoulder or off-the-shoulder silhouette will look classic and beautiful. Plus, it’s perfect for wearing your bling because it will be visible on your shoulders.

A corset-style bodice is great for winter weddings because it creates a nipped waistline that can help avoid extra bulk from under layers of clothes. A lace overlay dress is also appropriate because it helps provide extra warmth without being too heavy or constricting.

 4) Make Sure You Have All the Essentials

Whether it’s rain or shine, don’t forget about packing an umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats/beanies, etc. If there is no sun at all, it’s essential to dress appropriately with layers of clothing to stay warm and cozy. Wedding dresses for the beach may be elegant, but they may not have pockets, so feel free to have your bridesmaids hold onto accessories for you.

5) Layering to Keep Warm 

You can layer up on your big day and still be super fashionable. There are many ways to do that, such as wearing tights or leg warmers under your dress. Another way is to wear thick socks under wool boots. There are many options for keeping warm, such as gloves, a fur coat, a shawl, or a wrap. Choose accessories that will match your dress and keep you feeling cozy and warm at the same time. Once the ceremony is moved indoors, these are easily removable, and layers may no longer be needed.

6) Sparkle It Up  

There are many ways to create a festive wedding dress. Adding a lace trim or sparkle can make a simple dress feel more glamorous and high-end. Wearing something sparkly or sequined is perfect for the snowy weather. This will make your whole outfit shine! 

Talk with your wedding planner about what fabrics they recommend and which colors would look best in different lighting conditions. They will be able to guide you through all aspects of planning your event, ensuring it goes smoothly! 

Of course, after the dress is picked out, you’ll want the perfect venue to showcase and host your winter beach wedding vision. Salero is an ideal event venue that will gladly suit weddings in winter. Not only is it a pleasant place, but it also offers a variety of services for your event. These include an on-site catering company, a cozy spot for chill-out sessions, and more. Reach out to Salero today for more info about our services!