Ever since 2020, more and more businesses have been going remote. We’re seeing a steady decline in traditional business-models, and the “hybrid” workplace is now on the rise. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, hybrid simply means that employees work both remotely and in-office. This means you might know some of your coworkers from online conferences alone! 

So how can you bring a hybrid office together for the holidays? By simply getting creative! You can make this year’s holiday party a remarkable one for all of your employees, both in-person and online. 

Salero’s got you covered. Here’s some awesome ideas for a fun-filled hybrid holiday party.

Take the Party Online: Holiday Party Ideas

So your office is a hybrid? No problem! There are countless ways to include remote employees who can’t make the in-person bash. 

Many venues allow for conference calls, which gives you the ability to call-in remote employees to the party. Not to mention, hosting a holiday party for a hybrid office is actually more cost-effective. Less people means less money to spend. This also means that holiday party ideas get to be more creative, too. 

You can bolster team-spirit no matter where you are with these fun ideas.

1. Seasonal “I Spy”

Disrupt the usual flow of a work meeting with a fun scavenger hunt! Screen-share a holiday-themed photo and allow everyone a few minutes to find all the seasonal-related items in the picture. 

Take it up a notch with prizes, or even create teams!

2. Holiday Trivia

Test your employees’ knowledge of all things holidays! Host a trivia event that’ll surely bring the team together. Create teams and fun prizes to incentivize participation! 

You can do in-person vs. virtual players, create breakout rooms, or mix in-person and virtual!

3. Holiday Happy Hour

Encourage your team to kick back and relax with a Holiday Happy Hour! For those who can attend the party in-person, set everyone up with an open bar. You can even host a holiday cocktail-mixing contest! 

Offer to reimburse virtual employees, or send them ingredients stocked up for drink-mixing. This is also a great way to get employees to mingle and get to know one another.

4. Host a Holiday Movie Night

Can you say “cozy?” Stream a holiday classic for your entire team to enjoy! Set up the office with snacks, blankets, and all the seasonal essentials. 

Send gift boxes to remote employees and get everyone to join in on the fun.

Overall, a movie night is a great way to wind-down after the busyness of the holidays.

5. Superlatives and Awards

This is a meaningful way to extend appreciation to the team. Give the award-ceremony a joyous holiday twist, and have the presenter dress as Santa! 

Superlatives can range anywhere from silly and lighthearted, to a serious recognition of one’s achievements.

6. Virtual Secret Santa

This classic Christmas activity is a perfect way to include all employees. Whether you’re remote or in-person, hosting Secret Santa is more than possible. 

Collect the home addresses of remote employees, and have the in-person staff members use the office address. 

Set a budget, and encourage participants to keep their identities secret until the day of the party. To keep the spirit of secrecy alive, encourage employees to put the home address as HQ.

Office Party Themes: Try the Beach

Salero is conveniently located on the sandy shores of Rehoboth Beach. For a holiday office party that will spark joy for all of your team members, try Salero

Our spacious venue is perfect to host your next corporate event, and we can even include your remote employees! Our space is fully-equipped with 5-star menus, an open bar, a sound-system, and a stunning boardwalk. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We’d love to give you the holiday party of a lifetime.