There are so many things to consider when selecting the right oceanfront venue. Planning an event is already a stressful task, but securing the right location can make it that much easier. Once you’ve chosen the perfect event venue, everything else will fall into place. 

Oceanfront venues can especially set the mood for the entire event. With beautiful waterfront views and the relaxing sounds of the ocean, there’s truly no better event location. Whether it be a wedding, local party, or catered event, an oceanfront venue is ideal for you and your guests. However, choosing the right one is a tricky task. 

No need to panic, though! Salero wants to share these 6 tips for you to consider when looking for the right oceanfront event venue. 

Select The Perfect Event Space

1. Visit the Location

Try not to pick an event space based on pictures you find in a magazine or online advertisement. Whenever possible, Salero recommends visiting the venue before officially deciding to book it. This is the best way to make an informed decision about your event venue of choice. Take your time touring the location in person. Weigh the pros and cons of the venue and ask all the right questions while you’re there. 

2. Check The Weather

Be aware of the time of year when looking for an oceanfront venue. It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Taking the weather into consideration will benefit you in your search. 

3. Know Your Budget

It’s more than possible to have an exquisite oceanfront event even on a budget. Certain oceanfront locations may be cheaper than others. Do your research ahead of time and find an event venue that is well-suited for your needs. 

4. Capacity and Minimum

Go into your venue search with an idea of how many people will be attending the event. This will help narrow down your search. It’s best not to waste any time looking at venues that won’t accommodate the number of people you’re catering to.

5. See What Amenities Are Available

Searching for venues with certain amenities can be useful for your event. You want to consider what your event will require, and whether or not the venue provides what you need. This might include tables and chairs, a kitchen for catering, AV equipment, or a setup crew. All of these are worth considering to save you the trouble moving forward with your event planning. 

6. Be Flexible With The Event Date

Flexibility with your event date can increase your chances of finding the right event venue. This is an excellent way to negotiate with venues. They most likely have some calendar dates they want to fill, so give them a few dates in advance. 

Find An Event Venue Near Me

Knowing where to look for oceanfront event venues is a challenge in and of itself. Plus, it’s a rather time-consuming one at that. There are some tools to utilize that will hopefully save you the hassle.  

Using online tools may be extremely effective in finding a venue near you. A few popular websites include EventUp, Peerspace, and Unique Venues amongst other great online resources. Event listing websites work in your favor as well. Find local events similar to the one you are planning, and see where those events have been previously hosted.  

Book Your Next Event With Salero

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