There’s nothing more exciting than finding out you’re expecting! In 2023, gender reveals are becoming the most common way to celebrate the beginning of a new family or a welcome addition. Baby showers have been the norm for decades, but they are quickly coming second fiddle to gender reveals. But what are some great gender reveal party ideas, and how can you perfectly execute them?

Salero is the perfect venue for a beautiful and heartfelt gender reveal. Read on for gender reveal ideas to throw a bash your family will remember forever! 

Gender Reveal Theme Ideas: The Essentials

The entire point of a gender reveal is for everyone to be surprised. It’s best to keep the theme gender-neutral, so it’s not accidentally given away. Many couples choose to be surprised themselves, so a trusted friend or family member is the only one who knows the gender. Here are a few gender reveal theme ideas to get you started!

1. Sports

For hardcore baseball fans, get baseballs stuffed with confetti and have one of the parents swing and hit the baseball! It will explode into a fantastic cloud of either pink or blue, revealing their new baby’s gender in stunning fashion.

2. Star Wars

If the expecting parents are huge Sci-fi nerds, this could be their theme. There aren’t many Star Wars fans who don’t love a good lightsaber duel. Make it super dramatic with music from the movie soundtracks. When the lightsabers crash together, they will glow blue or pink! No matter who wins, everyone at the party will feel like a winner once the gender is revealed.

3. Maternity Photos with a Twist

Having a maternity photoshoot when the mother is a bit further along to show her baby bump is not a new idea. If you plan on having a maternity photo shoot, ask your photographer about packages. They may be open to doing a gender reveal photo shoot with you first! 

4. What Will Baby Bee?

If you are a fan of the color yellow, nature, or a supporter of the #SaveTheBees movement, consider having a bee-themed gender reveal party! Check out this adorable set-up from wowmyparty for some decoration inspo.

Play These Gender Reveal Party Games

What’s a party without some party games? As you read through these suggestions, imagine your perfect day: discovering your baby’s gender on the beach! After all, everything is more fun with sand between your toes. Explore some of these gender reveal party games for added fun.

5. Name Suggestion Bowl

Get a cute chalkboard sign and write a message stating, “We’d love for you to share your favorite baby names!” and provide slips of paper. Set up two bowls, one for boy names and one for girl names. Party guests will fill in their favorite names. Then, you can reveal the gender of your baby by taking the names and reading them out! This is a cute idea for twins, too!

6. Pinatas

Pinatas are a fun idea if you want your kids to participate in finding out their baby sibling’s gender! Get the pinatas stuffed with blue or pink confetti, and include some candy for the kids.

7. Balloon Pop

Grab some darts and balloons! Fill the balloons with paint (blue or pink, you know the drill) and hang them on a piece of poster board. Check out this dartboard idea for inspiration. You can also do confetti if paint would be too messy. Or, let Salero handle the logistics, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning up!

Choose Salero as Your Next Venue for a Gender Reveal

Do you have a unique gender reveal idea you’d like to see come to life? Salero is the perfect venue for a gender reveal! We can help you plan your event and will do all of the heavy lifting for you. From catering to booking entertainment, Salero will throw a once-in-a-lifetime gender reveal or baby shower for your growing family!