Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting, uplifting, and memorable things you will ever do. It is also very stressful, debilitating, and ego-killing. If it is your wedding, all those emotions multiply tenfold. Even so, with some careful wedding planning and a willingness to consult with experts, you can have the wedding of your dreams. Our wedding planners at Salero on the Beach want to help. Here are 5 of the trends that are making a comeback this season:

Beach Weddings 

Before 2020, the destination wedding sat at the top of almost every upcoming bride’s wedding plan. Everyone who could afford it wanted to take their entire wedding to some international destination. Many of these were beach weddings, just not at home. The U.S.A. has some beautiful beaches and beachfront properties that love to host weddings. With current international travel restrictions, beach weddings are back on U.S.A. beaches. Everyone is also saving a significant amount of money. Salero on the Beach is a beautiful location for weddings and receptions.

Retro Wedding Gowns 

In the 1970s and 1980s, wedding gowns were big, poofy, and filled up the aisle. Wedding gowns changed in the 1990s through 2019 to a sleeker, more revealing shape. Now the trend is returning to the bigger, lacier version. Many popular wedding gowns feature layers of tulle and ruffles and instead of sweetheart necklines, brides are opting for high necklines. Big poofy Bishop sleeves and long trains behind the gown are also back in style.

Buttercream Wedding Cake

In the last ten years, rolled fondant has become the standard icing for wedding cakes because of its ability to be molded. Before that, delicious buttercream was the usual icing. Couples are realizing that they do not need the cake to be decorated so elaborately. With buttercream, they can have beauty and a buttery creamy flavor. Discuss this option with your caterer when making your wedding plans.

Smaller Weddings 

In the past ten years, there seems to have been a contest for the highest attended wedding. Couples were inviting 400 to 500 guests. When planning a wedding, you have to make accommodations for all possible attendees. You must feed, entertain, and hold a block of hotel rooms. You will need welcome bags, table decorations, and wedding tokens for each person. That can add up quickly! In 2020, when COVID hit the United States, many people did not go to weddings they had RSVPd to. The result was that a large amount of money was wasted. Now, many couples choose to invite family and real friends. The experience is much more meaningful and less expensive.

Assigned Seating

Open seating at the reception has become very popular in the last several years. Assigned seating is making a comeback, primarily because of family complaints. To be polite, family members tend to get in the back of the line to see that everyone else is seated. Then they end up spread all over the room seated with strangers. In other cases, groups of friends want to sit together and cannot work it out. When the couple chose open seating, they probably envisioned it as a way for the guests to meet new people. Instead, it seems to encourage one member of the group to bolt ahead and reserve the table, creating ill will. This is not the mood the couple was hoping for when they were planning the wedding.

Wedding planning can be an extremely hard yet gratifying process. You want everything perfect on your big day, and so should anyone that is helping you. At Salero on the Beach, our wedding planners are experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful. Contact us at 302-841-2229 or visit our site  Salero on the Beach and see the exquisite facilities and services we have to offer.