As the leaves fall from the trees, a lovely couple exchanges their “I do’s” before embarking on their lifelong commitment. Likewise, when looking for the best beach bridesmaid dresses, you want to ensure that your girls feel confident standing by your side. Unfortunately, bridesmaids have worried their selected dresses won’t fit correctly. 

Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s essential to keep the colors of the beach in mind when deciding on bridesmaid dresses. You’ll be looking for cream-colored seashells and blue ocean when selecting the dress. In addition, flowy and loose-fitted dresses are most familiar with beach weddings and will leave your bridesmaids feeling comfortable! If you need extra tips, visit our blog, Tips to Decide on Bridesmaid Dresses for a Beach Wedding.

Beachy Bridesmaid Dresses For a Beachy Wedding

It’s time to think about what kind of beach wedding you’ll have so that you can adequately coordinate your bridesmaids’ dresses. Who knew there were so many beach wedding variations? We understand how confusing it might

Keeping it Casual 

You want to be as comfortable as possible for a day well spent on the beach. So if you choose a casual beach wedding, a flowy, long dress can give a sophisticated and relaxed look. But don’t feel the need to go the extra mile if simple is your style!

Beach Chic

Don’t want your expensive dress dragging through the grainy sand? Instead, consider a midi dress with a low neckline to complement the bride-to-be! This option is just a step up from casual and adds a glimmer of elegance to your look. 

A Trip to the Tropics

Consider a strapless wrap dress that provides an effortless style for palm trees and island vibes. Dresses like these can be wrapped according to your dress style. The girls will love this style, and your photos will look fantastic!


Are you looking to make a statement on your wedding day? Chiffon, the off-the-shoulder dress would be a great selection. Beachy bridesmaid’s dresses often look lovely in this style.

Bohemian Flow

The girls will look angelic with these styles of beach bridesmaid dresses. Try a velvet infinity dress. This unexpected look will win your guests over! Your wedding will be unique.


This style is on the rise! Combining beach and country girl vibes, this dress style is perfect for fall weather. A sundress with puffy sleeves will create an intimate, organic look. Have fun with your dress selection by mixing lace and ruffles to achieve a rustic look. Cottage core is a fan favorite, and now I understand why!

It can be so exciting to pick out beach wedding bridesmaid dresses. There are so many gorgeous designs and patterns to choose from! However, weddings can also be tiring to plan, and we hope this list helped you find your perfect bridesmaid dress. At Salero, we are planning professionals and have hosted various events at our Rehoboth Beach location. Should you need a space with an alluring ocean view, we have the area for you! Contact us directly or visit our website for more information on beach weddings.