A beach birthday is the best excuse to bring your favorite party food to enjoy. These party food ideas are perfect for your next beach gathering.

Party Food Ideas Down the Shore

Every good party has food! If you have any food favorites, be sure to include those on your list as you prepare. If you plan on having a large gathering for your birthday, consider those with allergies or specific restrictions. Thinking about how you will transport the food is also essential, as the beach can get hot! Bringing an ice cooler to keep items cold or an insulated bag to keep things hot will make life easier. Need more advice on throwing your perfect beach birthday party? Visit our blog, Do’s and Don’ts When Throwing a Birthday Party at the Beach, where we guide you to your ideal seaside event every step of the way. 

Happy Birthday on the Beach: A Flavor Party!

Our crabby friends at the coast inspired our choices for the following dishes! Of course, you can’t go wrong with a great selection of seafood and beach-inspired desserts for a long beach day. Our experts at Salero took the time to curate this list of party food to bring to your next sandy birthday!

Crab Cakes

Feel right at home with this classic soft and crisp appetizer with every bite. Take a break from a volleyball session with friends and enjoy! You’ll be right back in the game in no time.

Lobster Rolls

This dish is a staple for every seafood lover alike! A bite of tender lobster in a lightly toasted bun will make any happy birthday on the beach one to remember. So easy to handle and with a short cook time, this food is ideal for bringing to the beach!

Fish n’ Chips

This dish is crunchy in the right way and is excellent for selective eaters. Beer-battered and cooked to perfection, this meal will elevate any party! Pack spare plates and utensils, as not everyone will want to use their fingers. We are confident that this choice will be a guest favorite!

Sandy Beach Cake

It’s your birthday, so it only makes sense to bring a cake to the shore! Instead of any old cake, try custom ordering a beach-themed cake to make things more fun. Don’t forget the seashells!

Edible Sand Dollar Cookies

These almost pass for the real thing! This recipe involves regular sugar cookies decorated with almond shavings. Once you have one, you’ll love to grab another. These cookies are super easy to transport and keep the kids happy.

Egg Sailboats

Boil an egg and cut it in half! You’ve got a cute sailboat once you add your choice of triangle cut garnish. Choose anything from sausage and cheese to tortilla chips and bell peppers. Feel free to be as creative as you want with this simple dish.

The possibilities are endless with so many party food ideas to choose from. At Salero, you have access to stunning views at the Rehoboth beach with access to the boardwalk. Our experts are professional planners and can provide catering and plenty of space for your party needs. Visit our website or contact us to plan your perfect birthday beach party today.