When it comes time to celebrate another successful year around the sun, you may want to make sure you choose something that everyone will remember for years to come. This is especially true for bigger birthdays, whether it’s the big ten or the big thirty! Happy birthday! Beach parties are a wonderful way to celebrate your team’s accomplishments while getting all the vitamin D you could need. Let’s take a dive! 

Happy Birthday at The Beach: Beach Party Ideas for Everyone

Once you choose your location, it’s time to plan the details. Keep your menu simple and refreshing, like fruit, chips, cheese, and other small snacks.  If you have a theme, you can decorate your snacks to match it, but if not, no worries! Here are some theme ideas to jog your inspiration:

Beach Olympics

Playing games on the beach reminds us of simpler times, and it creates a highly inclusive environment. With teams of two, your party guests can choose a country to represent as they compete in a variety of classic picnic games. You can do a three-legged race, an egg toss, or play some water balloon volleyball! Whoever wins at the end gets the ultimate bragging rights and whatever other prize you would like to offer them. 

Tropical Surf

Of course, the tropical energy on the beach is classic, and it’s easy to decorate! With so many options to choose from, these parties are instant favorites. The sand creates the perfect floor for your palm trees and sparkly mermaid tails, and your guests can drink their choice of beverage out of a halved coconut. Party favors can be decorated with tiny palms or umbrellas, and straw curtains can decorate your tables. What a way to relax!

Shipwrecked Pirates

What could be more appropriate than a handful of pirates on the beach? Bonus points if you can get your guests to say, “Arrgh, matey!” The decorations can still be on the simpler side, since the ocean devoured your ship, after all! Costume parties are always much-loved and well-remembered, and the goofier your attendees are, the better! Happy birthday to your business, ya scallywag! 

Party Tips

It’s always a good idea to make sure you have plenty of time to plan. If this is your first beach party, you might not be totally prepared for the ocean winds or the sand on everything. Do sufficient research on throwing an effective beach party, and organize a small team to help you get everything set up. When a few people tackle it as opposed to just one or two, all of your bases are covered with no stress. 

Send out invitations a good amount of time in advance, and let people know about the theme. This way, they’ll be able to prepare their costumes, get ready for the games, or whatever else you choose. It’s also a good idea to have a firm understanding of beach etiquette before you go and fill your team in on this as well. Sending out a list of rules or regulations on the back of the invitation can help keep everyone informed! 

Ready to Throw Your Birthday Party?

Let us help! Salero can create a birthday beach party that will ring in your success with a bang. Our oceanfront venue can help you host an indoor or outdoor event, specifically tailored to your wants or needs. We are experts in party planning, so if you run out of ideas, we’ve got your back. To learn more, explore our website, or just give us a call today! You can reach us at (302) 841-2229. Happy birthday!