You may be in charge of planning a corporate event for your business. When selecting the corporate event venue, there are some important things that you need to consider. Our planners at Salero On The Beach offer you 5 tips for finding ideal venues for corporate events.

1. Design Your Basic Plan

In order to start considering corporate event venues and determining if they meet your needs, you need to know what your needs are. You and your team should put your requirements for the corporate party venue in a plan. Address:

  • The type of facility and the requirements of that facility 
  • Agree on the date, time, and location area.
  • Get an estimated number of attendees. 
  • Indicate the type of corporate event that you are planning to have.
  • Decide if you need a theme. 
  • The menu options and serving requirements

With these basics in mind, you are ready to start considering venues for your corporate event.

2. Get Details of Venue Size, Facilities, and Appearance

One of the first things you must consider is if the venue has the facilities to meet your needs. If you’re planning a corporate party for employees and clients, you need a large ballroom. If it is a training session, you may need several classrooms. You may want to bring in entertainment or a podium for a recognition ceremony. Don’t forget the number of restrooms. All of these factors need to be considered. 

The appearance of the venue is also very important. You’ll want to make a great impression on everyone and give them a reason to remember this corporate party. Look the facility up online and view the pictures of the facilities there.

3. Evaluate Staff Attitude and Availability

The venue planner should show you respect, be prompt, and show a willingness to meet your needs. Be sure they can meet these requirements:

  • Provide the staffing that you will need for your corporate party.
  • Ensure that the staff will treat your guests well
  • Ancillary providers, like an outside caterer, are welcome.

Eliminate any possible venues from your list that are unwilling to work with you to meet your requirements.

4. Make Site Visits to the Remaining Venues

Go to visit the remaining corporate event venues that you are still considering. You will want to personally view the facilities and meet the people that you may be planning alongside. Make sure that the details the planner has shared with you are feasible. Be sure the decorations and anything you want to bring in will work. Check details on nearby parking and hotel rooms if you will have out-of-town guests attending your corporate party.

5. Submit a Request for Proposal and Negotiate Charges with the Venue

At this point, you should have narrowed the possible venues for your corporate event down to two or three. Submit RFPs to the venues with very clear details of what you require. Indicate the last day you will accept the bids. Anyone that does not have their proposal back to you in time should be eliminated. Review the bids and see if they are within your budget. If there are areas that you need to negotiate, send them back to the venue with your proposal and see how they will work with you.

Planning a corporate party may be one of your career dreams, but it can be an overwhelming task. Using the above steps can help you guarantee that the corporate event venue selection will not be the most difficult part of your planning. Salero On The Beach has planners that can help you create a corporate party that your guests will remember favorably.