Thanksgiving is a time for family, gratitude, and feasting. But it’s also a time of stressful hosting, cooking, and cleaning, which is why some families opt to celebrate at venues. But why not add an elegant and memorable twist to a traditional holiday this year? 

Here’s everything you need to know about hosting Thanksgiving dinner at Rehoboth Beach.

Thanksgiving 2023 on Rehoboth Beach

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is held at a family member’s home. However, hosting a large family can be stressful and make the holiday a hard time for those who are cooking and hosting. Not to mention the cleanup.

At Rehoboth Beach, those worries and stressors are a thing of the past!

Add a Beautiful and Elegant Twist to a Traditional Thanksgiving 2023

Not only will everyone be able to enjoy themselves and fill their stomach, but the rooms are spacious enough for celebration and socializing.

Paired with a beautiful view and elegant decorations, Rehoboth Beach is the best place to add a unique and memorable twist to a traditional holiday.

Why Have a Thanksgiving Gathering at Rehoboth Beachfront?

Even when families decide to use a venue for a Thanksgiving gathering, beachfronts aren’t really considered an option. This is because of how connected they are to summertime fun.

But the truth is that beachfront venues have just as much, if not more, to offer that will make the Thanksgiving holiday memorable and joyful.

Here’s why families should consider hosting Thanksgiving at Salero’s Rehoboth Beachfront venue.

1. Don’t Worry About Cooking or Cleaning

Our Rehoboth beachfront venue takes the heavy responsibility of cooking and cleaning off of the family’s shoulders. Instead of spending all day in the kitchen and all night cleaning, everyone can relax and enjoy the holiday to its fullest.

Most people associate beachfront menus with seafood and summery meals. Yet, the truth is that we can offer a delectable Thanksgiving feast that will leave everyone satisfied. You can expect everyone’s favorite dishes without the hassle of cooking.

Spend the extra time appreciating each other, playing games, and unwinding.

2. Enjoy Plenty of Space for Socializing and Celebrating

Our beachfront venue also provides ample space for socializing and celebrating.

For families that enjoy dancing, spend the night on the dance floor with the DJ. For families that enjoy space to walk around and chat, our venue offers plenty of room for a social hour.

Our open space also means that large families can have the opportunity to focus on themselves. Whether it’s 20 or 200 people, any group size is welcome.

3. Watch the Sunset and Seaside View with Loved Ones

The most enchanting reason to choose a beachfront venue for Thanksgiving is the breathtaking view.

Gather with loved ones and watch the sunset over the horizon. Enjoy the view of crystal-clear water splashing onto the shoreline. Reminisce and appreciate family memories while watching the clouds.

This view is irreplaceable, inspiring, and refreshing to a traditional holiday. There’s no doubt that everyone will remember this Thanksgiving.

Gathering together as the sun sets over the horizon, embracing the night’s celebration, and savoring a catered feast. With so much positivity and festivity, hosting Thanksgiving at Salero on Rehoboth Beach will be memorable, joyful, and one for the books!

Plan Your Holiday with Salero at Rehoboth Beach

On Rehoboth Beach, Salero’s spacious and elegant venue is guaranteed to leave guests mesmerized and dazzled. With a beautiful seaside view that gives the perfect look at the horizon and sunset, our venue is perfect for any event. And that includes at any time of year! Contact us today to learn more.