Even if your employees don’t always love coming to work, they can have a good time at your company events.  Corporate parties don’t have to be boring or ordinary.  Location can help a lot with that.  Go somewhere new and exciting this year for your corporate event.  Everyone has been to a work event at the local hotel conference room.  Host your next corporate party at the beach.

With an engaging location all set, your decor needs to meet the expectations.  Why not incorporate all your favorite beach party ideas into your employee get-together?  From classic to modern, serious to fun, there are all kinds of beach decorations you can use.  Here are three ideas for beach party decor for a company event.

Classic Colors 

If your company has serious items to discuss or clients to impress at your event, you might not want to go too overboard with the beach decorations.  These beach party ideas are a great balance of work and fun.  Using classic ocean colors like blue and white is the perfect solution.  Simple beach party decor that subtly hints at your venue is a beautiful and understated way to decorate for a corporate beach party.

When using this type of beach party decoration, keep it simple.  Blue and green should be included, of course, but choose one base color like white, gray, or tan for larger pieces.  A party outfitted like this is sure to be remembered as a simple but satisfying affair.

Fun Beach Party Decor 

On the total opposite extreme, why not make your beach party decoration loud and exciting?  Incorporate bright, tropical colors and things like flowers, beach balls, towels, and umbrellas.  Sometimes we all need to kick back and relax.  Why not spend your time away from work at an event that looks like it used the same beach party ideas as a child’s birthday?  

When going for bright, fun beach decorations, feel free to have interactive pieces.  You could have leis or straw hats for people to wear.  A photo booth could be a nice activity for people to enjoy.  Especially if you are having a corporate party for employees and their families, games are a must.  Consider classics like beach volleyball and horseshoes for the fun day at the shore. 

Themed Beach Party Decoration 

Just because you’re by the ocean doesn’t mean your beach party decor is already themed.  Feel free to think outside the box on what beach decorations can be.  Why not base your decor around a movie or TV show that takes place at the shore, or even something that has nothing to do with the beach, like a decades theme?  Niche themes like this are sure to get people excited for your event.  They can be as wacky or simple as you’d like.  The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. 

Looking for a Corporate Event Space at the Beach? 

Want to make this year’s company party memorable?  Have it by the shore at Salero.  This stunning oceanfront venue has indoor and outdoor spaces suited for parties of all sizes.  Whether you want to actually go down to the water or spend your time in our newly renovated ballroom, Salero has you covered.  

Our expert staff can help with planning, beach party decor, and catering so that everything runs smoothly.  There are multiple meal plans to choose from, all made by our professional chef.  Turn your corporate event from another boring office party into an exciting getaway with Salero.  Call (302) 841-2229 or visit us online to learn more.