What better way is there to kick off a happy new year than with a party full of festivities, music, and beautiful views? Ring in 2024 with these tips on hosting the perfect New Year’s Eve party. Not to mention, why you should choose Salero’s beachfront venue as the place to be!

Tips For Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reflect, celebrate, and start anew. There’s no better place to do that than at a party with friends and family. Kick off the new year right with these three hosting tips.

1. Get Festive

New Year’s Eve is all about the sparkle of festivity – so lean into it!

Decorate with shimmers of gold, dazzling lights, and glittering decorations. Don’t forget the balloons, streamers, and confetti. When midnight strikes, ensure your guests can welcome 2024 with noisemakers and party hats.

All of this adds up to a classic party of the perfect night, and everyone will leave with fresh memories for the new year.

2. Create the Ultimate Playlist

Music sets the vibes for any party, especially a New Year’s one. Make sure to craft a playlist that captures the energy of a new start, appeals broadly, and guarantees a night of high energy.

Don’t forget to let your guests make requests so that everyone can have a taste of their favorite tracks. If you’d like to include a special moment or two, add a slow song for the lovebirds.

3. Have the Games Ready

Games and activities are great icebreakers, a change of pace, and a source of entertainment for guests.

For a family-friendly night, consider minute-to-win-it relays and other team games that encourage bonding and friendly competition. There are also charades, Pictionary, and scavenger hunts.

Like most large gatherings, hosting a New Year’s Eve party requires attention to detail and thoughtful planning. But the options for fun, celebration, and memory-making are limitless.

With these tips, you’ll cheer for a fantastic end of 2023 and a memorable start to 2024!

Celebrating New Years at Salero

House parties for New Year’s can certainly be joyful and memorable. But picking a venue with a spacious floor plan, a beautiful view of the night sky, and delicious food will elevate the experience.

Here’s why you should consider celebrating the new year at Salero’s Rehoboth beachfront venue.

Enjoy the Seaside View and Night Sky

Tucked away into a private spot that only locals know about, our beachfront venue is the perfect place to host a celebration!

Enjoy the sunset on the horizon as crystal-clear waves wash up on the shoreline. Gaze into a star-filled night sky as the clock strikes midnight. Make memories with loved ones as everyone takes in the beautiful serenity of our seaside view.

Move Around Our Spacious Floor Plan Freely

With 4,000 square feet of space, our venue can comfortably host 200 guests. With a separate space for eating, dancing, and socializing, our venue gives you the opportunity to do everything all at once.

Move between spaces freely, chat in large or small groups, spend the night on the dancefloor, or simply enjoy a plate of delicious food. Whatever it is that your guests decide to do, it’s possible at our beachfront.

Taste Our Delicious and Expertly Prepared Food

When it comes to hosting, food is a big stressor. But with our Owner and trained culinary Chef David Horner in the kitchen, that won’t be a problem for you!

With carefully crafted and selected menu items, Chef Horton has designed menus that fit any event, style, and taste. Even the most selective guest will enjoy his freshly made dishes.

Enjoy and Celebrate All Year Long with Salero

Any event, any theme, any time, all year long. At Salero, we bring dream events to life. Full-service catering and staffing, delicious food, and a memorable seaside view elevate any event. Contact us today, and start planning your perfect moment!