Beach weddings are the perfect picturesque setting when you say “I do” to the one you adore. A beach wedding can be romantic, memorable, and enjoyable, and provide an effortlessly stunning environment for your special day. To achieve the gorgeous and glow-worthy aesthetic you so desire, it’s important to take stock of what works naturally with a beachy backdrop, and what simply doesn’t. 

The summer heat, the breeze, and the salty air make for a particularly interesting combination for bridesmaid attire. As a bride, you’ll want to prepare your bridesmaids’ dress code to ensure maximum beauty and minimal discomfort on your special day. As a bridesmaid, you’ll want to plan your look according to the vision of the bride, while also maintaining your personal flare. Here’s everything you need to know about dressing appropriately for a beach wedding.

Bridesmaid Beach Dresses: Everything You Should Know

There is so much room for creativity when planning a beach wedding. Being that it’s outdoors, there’s more opportunity to add the personal touches that are unique to your vision. The color schemes are limitless, the summer flowers are big and beautiful, and pergola arrangements can be crafted specially to your desires. For your bridesmaids, you’ll want to keep these things in mind when planning their look:

1. Don’t Pick Heavy, Long, or Ornate Dresses

This goes without saying, but you don’t want your bridesmaids to sweat or experience discomfort. It isn’t good for their own health to overheat, and not to mention, it won’t look appealing in pictures, either! You’re also going to want to steer away from ball gowns or long dresses. Short, airy, comfortable, and lightweight dresses are the way to go for the summer. Try dresses with leg slits, too. Longer gowns are best for fall or winter weddings. Chiffon, silk, and cotton are lightweight fabrics that will give your girls plenty of airflow and breathing room.

2. Do Pick Warm, Light, or Summery Colors

Your choices in color are boundless. Depending on your color scheme, you’re going to want to pick the dresses for your girls that reflect and complement it well. Oranges, warm pinks, bright yellows, and soft reds really pop amidst a beach backdrop. For cooler colors that complement the gentle waves, light blues, emerald greens, turquoise, and lilacs are beautiful as well.

3. Don’t Wear a Complicated Updo

Being that summer weather can be unpredictable, choose hairstyles accordingly. The humidity of the summer along with the breeziness of the beach can ruin a beautiful updo in minutes. Simple is best. A gentle side-swoop, a low-bun, french braids, a low-pony, and even a simple down-do will look gorgeous. Not only this, but you’ll want to plan something low-maintenance to make your dresses the stars of the show. The natural beauty of the beach will complement the simple yet stunning looks you’ve planned for your bridesmaids.

4. Do Wear Light Makeup

The summer is a time when your skin is sweetly sunkissed, your eyes sparkle with aliveness, and your smile shines a little brighter. No need for heavy makeup! The more natural-looking, dewy, and radiant your makeup looks will be, the better. This also means there’s less opportunity to sweat your makeup off during the ceremony. Highlighter, soft eyeshadow, rosy cheeks, and a soft lip color will do the trick!

5. Don’t Shy Away from Making it BIG

We are so lucky to live in a day and age where taking risks in fashion is no longer frowned upon! Remember this is YOUR day! You can make your bridesmaid beach dresses exactly how you envision them. Consider adding sun hats to their look, strappy sandals, or bold jewelry paired with simple dresses. You may even want to pick different-style dresses in the same color, or even offer a range of colors for your girls to pick from! There are no limitations to what you can create on the day of your glorious beach wedding.

Salero Makes Your Beach Wedding a Day to Remember

For all of your wedding or event-related needs, contact us at Salero. Located on Rehoboth Beach, our venue makes for a heavenly setting to exchange vows with your beloved. You, your bridesmaids, your wedding party, and your loved ones are sure to look and feel beautiful in this picture-perfect beach paradise.