Getting married on the beach during the fall is a statement in itself. A couple has full reigns on their wedding day to set the mood, curate every step, and be as bold as their heart desires. A Salero beach wedding provides you with a team of eager and experienced professional party planners to make your special day unforgettable.

How To Choose Between Beach Wedding Venues 

Budget, amenities, location, and feel are the factors you should consider in choosing between different beach wedding venues. Let’s look at the details!

Venue Packages

Firstly, you’ll want to learn about the different packages and venues offered. Usually, different tiers, including various menus and services, will raise and lower price points significantly. 

Know your budget and eliminate options that feel like a vast stretch to save you time and unnecessary stress.


Secondly, research what amenities are included in the beach wedding package. A good sound system, DJ, elegant interior design, dancing space, raw bar options, and liquors are all things to consider.


Next, since you are opting for a beach wedding, ensure the location is in a vibrant neighborhood. Since it is a fall wedding, you can expect the atmosphere to be calmer.

See if the sand is pristine and the ambiance is conducive to your ceremony and reception party. Also, check to see if there is easy parking.

Tour the Space

Lastly, see the space for yourself. Take deep breaths and visualize yourself overlooking the ocean, getting married, and celebrating. 

Meet the staff helping you plan and take care of the event the day of. Notice if talking with the venue owner leaves you feeling confident, excited, or hesitant. 

Take in the ocean view from the venue, and again, pay attention to what you feel. Your body’s sensations are a good indicator of decision-making. Allow yourself the time to sleep on it before making your final decision between beach wedding venues.

Beach Wedding Ideas For A Picturesque Wedding

You’ve chosen your venue, picked your beach, and feel good about the staff. Now we’re on to the planning stages. The scenery itself, the great ocean, is already dramatic. Clashing waves, gentle breeze, sparkling water, your backdrop is breathtaking.

Hollywood by the Sea

A popular fall theme for wedding beaches is to decorate the ceremony with a red carpet. Because the beach is a natural setting, adding a Hollywood theme will pair well with an ocean backdrop. 

A red carpet adds dramatic flair to your ceremony. Hosting your reception at Salero continues the theme of style and grace with our elegant interior decor.

Wooden Wedding Arch

As stated previously, a wedding on the beach in front of the ocean is conspicuous. However, if you want to make a statement, a wooden wedding arch will surely please everyone. 

You can add lights to the arch if it’s an evening ceremony or decorate it with flowers during the day.

Rehoboth Beach Wedding Venues

Rehoboth Beach contains 30 miles of unspoiled beach area located in the prosperous Delaware on the Atlantic Coastal town side. Considered the “Nation’s Summer Capital,” you can find historical venues and live performing arts all year round.

During the fall, Rehoboth Beach averages temperatures between mid 70’s and mid 50’s degrees Fahrenheit. This steady climate ensures a fall wedding ceremony and reception are pleasurable with the vast ocean’s gentle breeze. 

Imagine your hair blowing in the wind and the calmness of fall filling the air for a deep and powerful ceremony.

Plan a Fall Beach Wedding With Salero

Our owner and expert chef, David Horton, encourages couples to be as bougie and dramatic as they wish. We provide world-class amenities and a full-service staff to serve you in the best ways we know how. 

Our passion centers on fulfilling all your desires and serving your unique wedding needs. To begin chatting with our team of professional party planners, contact us today. We’ll bring your dreams to life!