You should throw your next wedding anniversary party elegantly; this event only happens once a year! There are many elegant party themes to choose from when considering wedding anniversary gifts by year. From year one to year 60, all married couples will have a piece to choose from.

Wedding Anniversary Years

A specific gemstone, flower, and color are associated with the dedicated couple every year. Each year is significant to the time you’ve married your loved one. Couples have a range of options when picking their anniversary theme. Of course, flowers will outshine the rest. Tune in to your creative side as you browse through these fun and decorative themes!

Anniversary Year Themes

To choose a suitable theme, you should first know the gift you’ll need to base it on. So here is a rundown of the advantages associated with the different years.


1st Year: Paper

2nd Year: Cotton

3rd Year: Leather

4th Year: Fruit or Flowers

5th Year: Wood

6th Year: Candy

7th Year: Copper

8th Year: Bronze

9th Year: Pottery

10th Year: Aluminum

11th Year: Steel

12th Year: Silk

13th Year: Lace

14th Year: Ivory

15th Year: Crystal

20th Year: China

25th Year: Silver

30th Year: Pearl

35th Year: Coral

40th Year: Ruby

Year 45: Sapphire

50th Year: Gold

55th Year: Emerald

60th Year: Diamond

Shades of Love

Each color on the wheel signifies a different feeling and emotion. Choose one that works best for you.

1st Year: Yellow or gold

2nd Year: Red

3rd Year: White

4th & 5th Year: Blue

6th Year: Purple

7th Year: Onyx or black

8th Year: Tourmaline

9th Year: Lapis or blue

10th Year: Silver

15th Year: Red

20th Year: Green

25th Year: Silver

30th Year: Green

35th Year: Pink or rose

40th & 45th Year: Red

50th Year: Gold


1st Year: Carnation, a love that is young and pure

2nd Year: Cosmos, growing and powerful love

3rd Year: Sunflower, building a strong foundation

4th Year: Geranium, strong bonds, and wellness

5th Year: Daisy, sensuality, and kindness; new beginnings

6th Year: Calla Lily, purity and faithfulness

7th Year: Freesia, growing trust, and renewal

8th Year: Clematis, joy, and intelligence

9th Year: Poppy, remembrance, and imagination

10th Year: Daffodil, new beginnings, and forgiveness

11th Year: Morning Glory, peacefulness, and gratitude

12th Year: Peony, honor, and prosperity

13th Year: Chrysanthemum, longevity, and protection

14th Year: Dahlia, elegance, and generosity

15th Year: Rose, grace and admiration

20th Year: Aster, patience, and wisdom

25th Year: Iris, hope, and trust

30th Year: Lily, virtue, and remembrance

40th Year: Gladioli, strength, and infatuation

50th Year: Yellow Roses & Violets, friendship, and modesty

Getting The Party Started

Here is where everything comes together beautifully! Wedding anniversary gifts, colors, and flowers can make your vision come to life. Have fun with unique decors like colorful linens and custom-designed table placements. If you need further help deciding on a theme, visit our blog, 5 Unique Party Themes to Celebrate Your Anniversary, for the perfect inspiration.

 More Wedding Anniversary Years to Come!

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