We all love attending a good event, but event planning is a different story. To some people, it may seem exciting and full of possibilities. To others, it may sound stress-inducing and expensive. But there are many ways to plan your event, stay within your budget, and maintain your vision. 

Event planning doesn’t have to break the bank and can be a great way to explore your creative abilities. Let’s break down the top tips for successfully organizing an event!

Plan Events With Ease

Within a budget, you can still plan events that are off the charts. 

First, figure out how much money you have to spend and create the proper allocation. Get specific in your budgeting! How do you want to spend your money? What do you want to pay for, and what don’t you want to buy? Being specific will assist you in staying on track without deviating from the budget.

There are party budgeting tools and online apps to help you track your costs and finalize your budget. The tools will ensure you’ll stick with low-cost items while avoiding unnecessary expenses. 

Additionally, ask people in your circle to step in instead of outsourcing entertainment. Tap into your community to reduce the cost of hiring professional photographers and DJs. Invite a friend to photograph the party and create a music playlist. Asking for help from loved ones is a big way to keep costs down. It can also create a memorable and unique experience for your big day. 

Lastly, you don’t need to hire expensive caterers or secure a buffet. Have a baking day and provide homemade goodies and yummy treats galore. Or, go with a potluck style! Everyone can bring a dish of choice, home-cooked and ready to eat. Potlucks are a great way to reduce costs and create a feeling of camaraderie throughout your event. 

Create an Event Planning Template

Bring ease to your big day by utilizing an event planning template. Using these templates is one of the most significant ways to stay focused on your vision. They are also fantastic ways to break down your checklist step-by-step. Find a template outline that works best for you, and get to planning your ideal event! 

Here at Salero, we have broken down our checklist template into three stages: input (what’s needed), process, and output. These outlines will provide you with structure and a layout that works. You can track headcount, RSVPs, entertainment, and more while remaining relaxed in the process. 

Some things to include in your event planning checklist are:

  • Visualizing your desires for the event
  • Devising a budget and financial plan
  • Creating a timeline for your project plans 
  • Setting your plan into motion
  • Evaluating after the event to see how everything flowed

Tracking these items will help you solidify your plans and pull off your event. Your party is bound to be fantastic when you follow an event planning template!

Hire a Professional Event Planner

Sometimes, the best thing to do is hire an event planner. They can mitigate stress, manage the overwhelm, and deliver consistent results. Plus, event planners have a trained eye, organizational prowess, and vision.

At Salero, we have event planners on staff that can help bring your perfect event to fruition. We have customizable packages and can help with various events, from beach weddings to corporate event planning. With us, you’ll have 5-star cuisine, oceanfront views, proximity to downtown Rehoboth, and outstanding event staff.

We’ll help you stay within your budget and plan the party of your dreams! Reach out to us today to see how we can assist – you won’t regret it!