There are plenty of reasons to celebrate your employees. Maybe you want to honor a recent achievement, or it’s time to show appreciation to your team for their hard work over the last few months. Perhaps you just need some good, old-fashioned team bonding! A corporate engagement party is a perfect way for your team, clients, and even potential clients to make connections. It can also strengthen relationships, and create important bonds that they can take in and out of the office.

But what should corporate engagement parties look like? We’re not talking pizza around the water cooler while someone spills store-brand soda on the old speaker that’s quietly playing Kenny G anymore, folks.

The goal of corporate engagement parties is to send everyone home in a cheerful mood, knowing that they’re more than just a cog in a machine. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your next corporate engagement party:

Corporate Engagement Party Ideas Within Budget

Know what you’re willing to spend for this shindig and keep a close eye on what you’re paying for. Guests will feel well taken care of with good food and entertainment. Start with the catering and music before ironing out other details. 

Corporate Engagement Party Themes

Encourage your guests from outside and on your payroll to loosen up with a fun themed party. Be sure to follow through on decorating, and even catering to fit the theme. 

Figuring out the difference between business casual, party casual, and business party casual is hard enough. Take that out of the equation by making the dress code something fun like different decades, fun costumes, masquerade, and more.

If we have one tip, however, it’s to make it perfectly clear to EVERYONE what rating this party is. Don’t let anyone accidentally show up R-rated to a PG-13 event. 

For more inspiration when picking a theme for your next event, check out these Three Party Themes for your Next Corporate Event! 

Whisk Them Away

In order for your guests to really feel like this is a party and not just a required team-building exercise, you need to take them out of their day-to-day office environment to somewhere new. They’ll be able to relax more if they don’t see the copy machine they’ll be using on Monday. 

Your employees will appreciate the new atmosphere and your clients will see that you’re willing to put up some dough for them. Maybe even poll your team to see what kind of food they’d most like to see catered!

Keep It Loose

Don’t jam-pack the party’s itinerary with activities or schedule down to the minute when the Funky Chicken ends and the Conga Line begins. Remember, you don’t want your guests to feel like this is work. All work and no play…well, you get it.

Spring for a DJ

No matter how much you trust your Spotify playlist, it’s best to leave the music and lights to a professional for your corporate party. No one is going to be thrilled if your phone runs out of battery right in the middle of things. 

Hire a DJ who works with lots of events of all types, ask them to play some classic jams and line dances, and see if they’re open to taking requests. If Debbie from Accounting has a choreographed routine to Beyoncé she wants to show everyone, you don’t want to miss it!

Think Outside the Box 

Adding a fun, interactive element to your party will not only entertain the masses, but it might also invite employees and clients who might not otherwise mingle to gravitate around something interesting and fun to talk about. Hire an aerial bartender, have a wine and cheese tasting table, or have a fun, unique picture-taking station with props! Connect interactive elements to your engagement party themes!

Get Everyone Involved

Encourage your team and guests to show off a different side of themselves with challenges, games, raffles, and more. Bring out some friendly competition by holding a costume contest and asking different departments to pick a theme and dress up as a group. Tell the DJ to queue up some retro tunes and have a “Dance Through the Decades” showcase! Hold a trivia contest. 

Get creative with activities, you never know who might be an underground dance master or trivia titan on your payroll!

And the Award Goes To…

Show your appreciation for your team and shout out fun memories or exemplary work you saw during the last year by putting on an Awards Show! 

Make the awards as funny or as serious as you like, give out a trophy for Most Improved, followed by Most Likely to Make the Printer Ink Explode. Have fun and reintroduce your team to each other with special shout-outs! Are you looking for venues or catering services to celebrate the milestones of your company?

Salero can help you have a memorable corporate party. We’ve got corporate engagement party ideas ready to be put into action. Reach out to us at 302-841-2229 today!