You both said yes to marriage! There’s a ring on your finger and butterflies in your stomach, and now the final step to being officially engaged is coming out to your friends and family. Why not go all out by organizing an elegantly catered engagement party to kick off the first festivity leading up to the wedding day? 

Hosting a beautiful event curated by the couple sets the tone for the wedding day. By inviting your most near and dear ones in from the beginning, you’re sure to stir up excitement and togetherness. 

A Salero engagement party carries the warmth of summer onto the changing season with an ocean-front view.

Engagement Party Ideas To Help You Begin Planning

Why Host An Engagement Party?

First, let’s cover why you might want an engagement party. It’s not necessary to throw an engagement party, especially these days when many couples announce their union on social media platforms like Facebook. However, deciding to do so will allow you to feel the support and admiration of your loved ones. 

It’s both classy and exciting to bring the friends and family of the couple together to meet, break the ice, celebrate, toast, and more. Plus, you can have tons of fun with it since all the creative freedom is in your hands.

Who To Invite?

Invite your nearest and dearest, of course. Remember that only the people you wish to invite to your wedding should be on your list. Typically, this will include the couple’s friends and family. 

You may want to keep the engagement party reserved for only friends and several special family members. It’s entirely up to you! Just make sure to listen to your gut about who deserves to take part in your coupling celebration.

Formal Or Casual?

A formal event would include a sophisticated dinner with a cocktail menu and paper invitations sent out at least a month in advance. While a casual affair can consist of going to the beach, or your backyard, no formal invitations are needed.

Or, why not choose an option with the relaxed atmosphere of being on a beach and the cosmopolitan vibes of an elegant dinner? 

At Salero, our ocean-view venue and different customizable packages allow couples the best of both worlds. We work with you to make your engagement party unique to you. 

Proper Engagement Etiquette

You’ll want to first decide on the venue and how many people you will invite. Once you have this sorted out, you can begin sending out invitations early to allow your guests plenty of time to prepare. You can also include the menu for the evening on the invitations.

For a cultured and sophisticated fall engagement party, choose a big space venue to welcome your guests formally. Your friends and family will want to talk with you from a heart space. The less you worry, the more room you have to drop into conversation and engage with your loved ones. 

Engagement parties go extraordinarily well when there is a whole team of staff attending to the needs of the space. When everything is taken care of, from music to food, a smooth ambiance is created.

Keeping your engagement party short allows it to be exciting and entertaining. Plan to share a toast, read a love poem, and dance to some of your favorite songs.

Fall Treats At Salero

Our team of expert party planners is passionate about working with you to create a pleasant engagement party you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The fall is when temperatures gradually decrease, and drinks become spicy to warm us. 

We incorporate unique cocktails and desserts to align with the season. To begin planning your special day, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.