Is there a room rental fee?
Yes, $500 for weddings, $300 for private events – subject to change

Are there any discounts for off-season (Mar/Apr and Nov/Dec)?
Yes, there is and the discount will depend on what day of the week and your guest count.

Do you require minimums on certain days?
Yes, **Saturday is 100 adults, Fridays and Sundays is 60 adults – these can be somewhat flexible  depending on month, last minute booking, etc – **Saturday weddings must buy open bar package

Is a beach permit required to get married on the beach?
Yes, and you can contact the City of Rehoboth to obtain it – might even be able to do this online.

What if it rains is there a back up plan?
You can use our dance floor as a Plan B and your guests will sit at their assigned seats

Does the Henlopen hotel offer discounts?
Yes, and you will contact them directly at henlopen111@gmail.com or 302-227-2551 – they will also allow a one night stay – not discounted – for our wedding guests.
The hotel is CLOSED Nov-Mar every year

7. What is the cancellation policy?
There are NO refunds on any payments or deposits if the customer cancels. If you need to change the date you forfeit 50% of your deposit and date must be within one calendar year of original date.

8. Any restrictions on decorations?
No candles permitted anywhere other than the bar and dining room
No holes can be put in walls
No confetti/glitter – upcharge for cleanup if you must have it

9. When can setup begin?
You can come in as early as needed on the day of to do your setup/decorations or if there is not an event the evening prior you can come up then and do your setup.

10. Do you require a final meeting?
Yes, we will meet a day or two prior to your event to go over all the final details, times, etc.

11. What is your payment schedule?
We require a $500 deposit upon signing of contract
2nd payment is due 90 days AFTER signing of contract – 20% of total cost
3rd payment is due 90 days BEFORE wedding date – 20% of total cost
Final payment is collected at our final meeting – a few days prior to event
These terms can change to fit your budget as needed as long as the event is paid in full at our final meeting

Do you accept credit cards for payment?
Yes, we do but there is an additional fee of 3.5% to do so.

When does everything need to be cleaned up?
Everything must be out the evening of your event. The staff will help collect all of your items into the hallway and then you are responsible for getting everything boxed up and removed from Salero. We are not responsible for anything left behind.

Can we bring in candy bar, cookies, etc.
Yes, you can and we can replenish as needed throughout the night – NO GUMMY candy
You are not able to bring in a chocolate fountain or any other item we provide as an upcharge

When is the final count due?
A final number is required 2 weeks prior but you can add to the number on your contract up until 5 days before. You will not be able to go lower than the number on the signed contract or the final number provided 2 weeks before.

When is the menu due?
The menu selections must be added on the dashboard 1 month prior to the event. You will add the final numbers to the menu 2 weeks prior when they are due to Salero. You can then also finalize your menu on the booking site.

Is a seating chart required?
A seating chart is required when do a seated dinner of any kind (plated or buffet). If a cocktail style reception no seating chart is required.
For a plated entrée where the guests have picked their entrée you must color code your place cards (ribbon, stamp, different color paper, stickers, etc.) and let us know how many of each entrée go to each table.
If a combo meal where all guests get the same 2 entrees we will just need know how many guests at each table and where any special meals (vegan, allergy, gluten free, etc.) go.
Seating chart MUST be provided to Salero 1 week prior to event.

Can you accommodate food allergies?
Yes, Chef David has a culinary arts degree and can accommodate any special needs as long as they are communicated in advance.

Is smoking allowed?
There is no smoking allowed in Salero but you can smoke in the front of the hotel lobby – please be respectful and use the receptacles provided for butts. Etc.

Is there a room to get dressed/made up in at Salero?
No we do not have a room that you can get dressed in. We do however have a space you can use for hair and makeup if needed – you are responsible for all cleanup – unless you pay a fee for us to take care of that for you.

Is there handicapped access?
Yes, we do have a handicapped bathroom and a wheelchair can fit in our dining room – please ask about this so you seat them at the correct tables in the dining room so they have ample room to get to their seats.

How late can the event go?
By law we must close by 1 AM

How many hours are included in the wedding packages?
5 hours of time come with all of our wedding packages. Cocktail hour followed by 4 hour reception.

Can we add additional hours of time?
Yes, additional hours can be added at a rate of $500 per hour and $100 per hour for the DJ if required.
The bar must be cash for a 6th+ hour of additional time – SOME exceptions to this rule – inquire with Dawn for details

Do you offer next day brunch?
Yes, we do from 9-11 or 10-12. A minimum of 30 guests is required

Is there a room for the wedding party prior to announcements?
Yes, we have a “holding” room where anyone being announced in will go – you will be fed the appetizers, a cocktail or two then be lined up for being announced in.

Is there a point of contact person on the day of?
Yes, Dawn will ensure everything stays on time, everyone is where they need to be and runs smoothly.

Do you offer vendor meals/young adult (under 21)/kid meals?
Yes, the vendor price is $20 less the package price and must be included in your final count.
Young adults are also the same price as a vendor and eat the adult meal
A child is anyone that is eating a kids meal (tenders and fries, mac n cheese, pasta, pizza, hot dog etc.).
The cost is not based on age for children/young adult but by what selections they decide for their entrée.

Are you on Facebook?
Yes, we have a Facebook group for our clients called Salero Bride/Grooms – past, present and future. Lots of great information, ideas and you can also buy/sell items

What time can we get married on the beach?
Between Memorial Day and Labor Day the City of Rehoboth will only issue permits for 6 PM or later. We begin our chair setup – if you hire us – around 5:15ish.

Do you rent chairs?
Yes, we do at a cost of $6 per chair and $100 setup/breakdown fee. Minimum of 20 chairs is required.
A table can be added for no additional cost, if needed, for sand ceremony, programs, fans, etc.
We do NOT charge for chairs if you decide to have it inside as long as they have not been put on the trailer for set up, etc. We need at least 1.5 hours notice in case of bad weather.

Can details of the contract change after signing?
Yes, the times, number of people and additional items can be added to (you may not decrease your number of guests only increase)
You can upgrade you package as well – you just can not downgrade it (ex. You may go from the Silver package to the Gold package but you can not go from the Gold package to the Silver package)
Pricing of upgrading will depend on current pricing of packages online at time of changing your contract.

Can we have a signature drink?
Yes, you can as long as it is easy to make. If we do not have what is needed for a signature drink you want you are able to provide what is required

Is champagne toast included?
Yes, for all guests

Is a cake/knife server provided? Any cake cutting fees?
Yes, we provide both items and we do not have a cake cutting fee

Are linens provided?
Yes, they are but they only come in white.
The napkin color can change for an upcharge of $250 and the colors we can get are: navy, brown, red, black, ivory, green, light blue, pink
White is the standard color of our napkin that is at no additional charge

Can the dining room layout change based on guest count?
Yes, we can remove tables and chairs as needed in the dining room – you can also seat less people at each table just not more

Do you have more than one event per day?
Occasionally we do have more than one event on a day. If this happens Salero is responsible for all setup for the evening event – unless you have an outside planner to do this.

When can vendors arrive/setup on the day of event?
Your vendors can come as early as needed on the day of as long as we don’t have a morning event. If we do have a morning event you will need to coordinate with Dawn about what time vendors are permitted.

Do you have storage space for cake/flowers?
No we do not have space for either of these items. We also do not want to be responsible for anything should something happen to your items.

Do you allow bands/outside DJ’s?
The Dj is included in all of our wedding packages – there is NO discount should you chose not to use our DJ.
You can have a band and our house DJ will still do all of the introductions, timing of event and play fill music during the band breaks. This should save you money on the band since they just have to play music and not worry about the flow of the evening, etc.
Any vendors you provide need to be added to the meal count

Can the packages be customized?
Yes, but will depend on what you want to remove/add and day of the week/month

Do you offer tastings?
Yes, you will come in on a day we have another wedding booked. To keep the tasting free you will sample what that weekends wedding is having. Up to 4 people are included. The cost is $40 per person for additional guests or if you want to pick your specific menu it is $40 per person.
Please let us know prior to any tasting should you have an allergy and what package you picked so you sample the correct items.

Are servers and bartenders included?
Yes, a bartender is provided and if over 100 adults there will be 2 bartenders
Staff ration is 20:1 so depending on the number of guests will depend on the number of servers – 3 servers is minimum for any event we do

Any additional fees/tips?
There are no additional fees and gratuity is included for all staff
You can tip specific staff/bartenders additional money if you feel they went above and beyond but it is not required

Do you provide any décor/table numbers etc.?
No you are required to bring in all decorations – and you can number the tables anything you would like. You just need to provide Salero a seating chart with the numbers/names.

What time must all guests be out after event?
We allow 30 minutes for all guests to clear out after your event. Anyone cleaning up is allowed to remain for as long as needed. The staff will begin asking guests to head out if not gone 30 minutes – if for any reason they stay longer there will be an additional fee required of $250. Again this is just for anyone who is NOT part of cleanup.

How early can guests arrive?
We will unlock the elevators 15 minutes prior to the start time of the event.

Do you provide lighting?
Yes, we have dance lighting and a projector screen for slideshows if required
You can purchase colored up lighting at an additional charge – inquire with Dawn for pricing

Is parking available for guests?
If your guests are staying at the Henlopen Hotel they can park in the parking garage
Any guests not staying at the hotel are required to park on the street or side streets
Meters are up May – September – but after 5 PM your guests can park on the permit parking streets without a permit and walk over to the hotel
There is also the Jolly Trolly, Dart bus, Uber or Taxi that can assist with transportation.

Is there a place card/gift table/ tables for other uses as needed?
Yes we provide 6 foot skirted tables as needed

Are bathrooms on the same floor?
Yes we have a women’s bathroom, men’s bathroom and a handicapped bathroom on the 8th floor

Do you provide a coat rack?
Yes we have coat racks available

Do you offer microphones/music on the beach?
Yes, this can be added on for an additional $250.

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind just because you have microphones you still may not hear due to wave noise, wind etc.

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