Congratulations on your bundle of joy! We are sure that you are excited to share the news with everyone.  Are you having a boy or a girl? A gender reveal party is a gathering that celebrates the gender of your baby with friends and loved ones. 

Here are a few ideas that you should consider if you plan on celebrating this way:

  • Family portrait reveal
  • Creative cookie designs
  • Puzzle or book reveals
  • Poppers or present reveal
  • Fun t-shirt designs

If you are looking for more ideas to celebrate this incredible experience, look at our article, Future Parents: 5 Creative Ideas to Throw a Gender Reveal Party where you can find more gender reveal party ideas.

Gender reveal parties may not be the route you want to go with, and that’s perfectly fine! However, Salero would like to offer you these four different options other than a gender reveal party that you can use to celebrate your pregnancy.

Name Reveal Party

Who is your child going to be? The name reveals an incredibly creative method of spilling the tea to your guests that doesn’t have to heavily revolve around the baby’s gender (if you’re comfortable with that.) A few creative ideas for this kind of reveal could involve creating a puzzle, writing the name on a balloon, giving guests party favors, or even using keepsakes like keychains! This method can be super fun, and the ideas are endless. 

Pregnancy Announcement Party

Discovering that you have a child is exciting news; you may want to tell someone immediaHowever, you! You may also want to wait before popping the information to the world. Whatever you choose, there are various ways to make your announcement. Taking a photo with a pair of baby shoes could be an intimate moment you could share with your friends and family that they are sure to remember! If you are expecting during a particular holiday, you could make a cute themed announcement according to the season, i.e., wishlist reveals, flowery letterboards, pumpkin patch shows. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm new ideas as this is a customizable method or plan a virtual or in-person pregnancy announcement party. 

Celebration for The Godparents

Not only will you be announcing that you are expecting, but the godparents will get to be chosen as well! This option is more intimate and could be very exciting with double the news. One way you could make this announcement is by inviting family and friends to dinner just before completing a toast to the potential godparents, ultimately revealing your pregnancy! You might also consider having a beach picnic with food and drinks and unraveling the news while enjoying the sounds of the crashing waves. 

Unveiling the Baby’s Birthstone

As you welcome your precious gem into the world, a birthstone baby reveals may be just for you. Invite your guests to wear clothes and accessories relating to their birthstones, encouraging eager conversations at the party! Allow your creativity to flourish through the decor with this theme, as ideas are limitless.

You are well on your way to planning your perfect pregnancy announcement! Salero wants you to know that we have you covered whichever way you choose to celebrate. We have experience in all kinds of events such as holiday parties, corporate events, and even beach weddings! Our staff are experts at party planning, and our packages cover amenities such as catering, decorating, and illustrious venue spaces along with stunning oceanfront views. In addition, we care about making your event an absolute success. 

With more and more gender reveal party ideas, there are many creative ways to tell the world about your bundle of joy.  

If you wish to consider Salero for your event needs, visit our website or contact us, and we will take care of the rest.