Parents today have so many options when considering gender reveal party ideas. You can find a fun way to announce your baby’s sex to your friends and family. The planners at Salero on the Beach offer you 6 of the most popular gender reveal parties.

1. Use a Sports Theme

There are gender reveal party options available for almost any sport. Baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, football, basketball, and golf all have many decorative details. When a pinata-style ball is hit, kicked, or bounced, it explodes, and pink or blue powder rises to reveal the gender of the baby. Start the game with a regular ball. When ready for the reveal, introduce the indicator ball into the game. Once the gender is known, the game is usually over. Color powders are also available for fishing lures, pool balls, hockey pucks, and boxing gloves.

2. Going Bold and Exciting

Other popular gender reveal party ideas are more flamboyant, bright, and messy. These are usually outside and are beautiful when held on a beach. The cannon confetti shooters can spray large areas–or a small area if you prefer. The Volcano science experiment is perfect for an intellectual couple. Color fight powder can be fun for a couple that doesn’t mind getting covered in powder.

3. Quizzes, Games, and Tests

If you enjoy games, there are many games available for a gender reveal party. The Old Wives Tales, Baby Name game, Scratch off cards, and Bingo are a few popular games. There are kits that include multiple gender reveal party games. Many of these games are available at Etsy- Gender Reveal Party for purchase.

4. Balloons and Pinatas

From balloon garlands to balloon boxes, you have many other gender reveal party options. Place a closed container on a table and when you open it, pink or blue balloons can rise out of the box. Some couples prefer the container hanging upside down overhead. When releasing the closure the confetti and balloons drop out.  Another popular option is a stork pinata. When Mom or Dad busts the pinata, colorful candy and other goodies rain down on them.

5. Other Fun Stuff

Another popular gender reveal party idea is the “Waddle It Be” rubber ducky. The duck bottom dissolves in water to reveal a pink or blue color. There is also Play-Doh that starts out white and turns the indicative color when massaged. Silly string in pink or blue, Dragon eggs that turn blue or pink in heat, and candles that burn down to pink or blue. There are many options available to suit the personality of any parent.

6. Food and Drinks

Some parents also want to be surprised and have their OB/GYN give them a note in a sealed envelope with the sex of the baby. They deliver it unopened to the baker. The baker puts the appropriate color icing on the cake. This makes the gender reveal a huge surprise for everyone. 

Some fun foods for a gender reveal party are:

  • Cake with colored icing in the center, or colored M&Ms inside
  • Cupcakes with colored icing in the center, or colored M&Ms inside
  • Cupcake-cute toppers stating, “I came for the Sex” (of the baby, of course) 
  • Nuts or No Nuts M&Ms
  • Colored popcorn
  • Fortune cookies with the baby’s sex on the fortune 
  • Pink lemonade and Blue Lagoons are a couple of drinks of choice.

Gender reveal parties have become very popular in today’s culture. It is always fun to have a secret and let others in on it when you are ready. There are so many fun ideas for gender reveal parties and our expert planners at Salero on the Beach would love to help you plan yours. Contact us at 302.841.2229 or Email for details.