Beach weddings are a fantasy for many future brides. While they are enticing and enchanting they hold issues unique to their environment. As anyone who has even spent a day on the beach knows, the wind and salty air can really mess with your hair. Here are a few bridal hair and makeup tips to make your beach wedding a little more stress-free. 

Position Yourself to Prepare for the Wind

As you know, the wind is the greatest challenge to hair for a beach wedding. Instead of trying to fight it, plan with it by allowing your hairstylist to adapt to the wind’s harshness. If you are already set on a natural look, this is a great place to start. You can position your natural look to corporate with the way the wind blows. 

Pull Your Hair Back

Pulling your hair back is another great option. This style provides you with the flexibility to still look elegant without having to worry about the wind blowing in your face. Pinning your hair back is another great alternative. 

Do Not Wear Your Hair Down If It Is Long

Most likely, the beach will ruin your hair if it is down. The humidity will get to it after a long ceremony, especially if it is wavy. Consider finding the right products to get your hair comfortable on the beach. This can allow your hair to stay in place without having to worry about the beach’s harsh humidity. A mix of the right products and your hair being styled to match the conditions can have you conquering your beach wedding like a champ. 

Use Light Layers for Makeup

Overbearing your skin with thick layers of makeup can make it smear from the humidity, moisture, and sweat caused by the beach. Using light layers allows for the skin to feel natural and lets it breathe. Talk to your stylist to craft a natural look by using light layers.

Wear the Proper Skin Care for the Beach

Standing in the hot sun on the beach the entire day can be harmful to your skin. While many foundations include sun protection, be sure that you are getting all the protection you need. Beach ceremonies can be beautiful but also very long.  Make sure you aren’t leaving your wedding with a sunburn. 

Avoid Standing in the Sun for Extended Periods of Time

All of these tips come with the conclusion that you will be sitting in the sun nonstop for hours. However, if you are able to avoid the sun at moments, some of these tips may be somewhat avoidable. Before the ceremony, spend as much time as you can indoors or in the shade. Once you are on the beach, consider taking breaks to regather yourself or reapply your makeup. This is also an excellent time to touch up your hairstyle. Avoiding the sun also means that you are avoiding harmful rays as much as possible. Tanning and having a beach wedding should be two separate events. 

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