Corporate events are a great way to promote your brand and build relationships with customers. What better way to get people excited about an event than with decor that is Instagram-worthy?

We hope that the following will offer some inspiration and ensure that you can achieve eye-catching, Instagram-worthy event decor. Here are the steps:

1. Make Sure You Have a Theme for Your Event

One of the best ways to make an event memorable is by creating a stunning and engaging atmosphere. Instilling such ambiance requires a special touch, which you can achieve by using plenty of corporate event decor. Create an inviting environment with event decorations such as centerpieces, pop-up banners, table covers, and wall decor. 

It’s essential to consider the size and theme of your event before purchasing your corporate event decor. For instance, if you’re hosting a conference for 300+ people, it would be impractical to buy cheap table coverings, which would unravel after one day. Investing in custom tablecloths that fit the conference’s theme will be more cost-effective, as they will last longer.

Extra tips to consider when choosing your theme and event decorating:

1) Make sure to have plenty of tablecloths and runners on the tables. Some people might think that this is tacky or old-fashioned, but you can’t go wrong with a traditional tablecloth.

2) Provide chairs with a bit of color to them. Don’t get red chairs if the event has blue as its color scheme! You’ll want people to associate the decor with your brand.

3) Match the food color palette with your decor colors; for example, nothing looks more delicious than a beautiful plate of sushi on a bright orange plate! 

2. Don’t Forget to Plan for Lighting

Make sure you have enough lighting to make or break the event. It would help to make sure that the lighting is flattering on your guests and doesn’t cast shadows on attendees’ faces. Natural lighting is an excellent option for an event, especially when coming from multiple sources. An excellent way to get natural light in a room is by opening up curtains and windows to let in sunbeams during the daytime.

Artificial lights are best used when ambient light cannot be found or does not work well for some reason, such as office spaces with minimal windows, a dark corner with many shadows, or a high ceiling that needs to be lit up at night.

Lighting can make a big difference in making a photo aesthetically pleasing enough to be considered Instagram worthy. Whether you hire a professional photographer or expect your guests to want to snap pictures of the event, consider how the decor will look in various lighting to enhance the photos with minimal editing. 

3. Follow These Tricks for Capturing an IG-Worthy Photo

The most popular social media platform in the world is Instagram. With over 500 million users, many companies advertise their products or services. If you are aiming for a successful event, you need to ensure that it is also Instagramable for potential customers.

Use props or backdrops, line up all your food and drink photos in one place so it looks like a gallery of images, and capture candid pictures of people mingling at the event. To create a visually impactful space, you need a balance of light and dark elements. This will allow good contrast and produce a high-quality image on the camera’s screen. You can also use lighting strategically to create more dramatic effects or focus attention on specific areas.

Valuable items that are readily available, like good decor, will entice people to share pictures on social media. This type of publicity is incredible for you and can draw in more followers and potential clients. Word of mouthor, in the case of Instagram: visually appealing photoscan translate to an increase in profit for your company by bringing in more interested clients. 

A corporate event venue is often functional and less about beauty. However, that doesn’t mean that companies can’t do their best to create a memorable experience for their guests. It’s important to note that even an Instagrammable venue event needs to be practical. The reason for this is that you want your guests to be able to explore all of the different corners of the space, not just snap photos on their smartphones. This means there has to be enough room for people to gather and experience various activities. 

Salero can not only offer a spacious photo-worthy venue but also provide superb food, beverage, and decor options for your corporate event. Guests won’t be able to resist talking about it on social media.