There’s really nothing like Christmas time. The twinkly lights, presents around the tree, hot cocoa, and being surrounded by the warmth of loved ones. As we approach Christmas, the fuzzy-feelings we had as kids come rushing back. If we’re lucky, we get the chance to recreate the magic of the holidays once again as adults. So how can you make this holiday truly spectacular, for you and your loved ones? If you’re looking to plan a picture-perfect Christmas party this season, we’ve got some great tips. Look no further than hosting your family’s Christmas gathering at Salero.

Christmas Party Ideas that Spark Holiday Joy

Whether you decide to spend this holiday with chosen family, or family of origin, you can make it truly meaningful. Perhaps you’re ready to plan a holiday family reunion, or you simply want to extend gratitude to loved ones. Of course, Christmas is what you make it. Choose to make it grand!

Secret Santa

You can’t go wrong with choosing this classic! This is especially great for a workplace or smaller gathering. Secret Santa creates an air of mystery, excitement, and generosity. You can even cultivate some build-up leading to the big party. Ask participants to leave hidden clues for their designated Secret Santa. On the day of the party, everyone can guess who they have! This game undoubtedly brings joy.

“Find the Elf” Scavenger Hunt

If there are kids at your party, and there likely will be, this is a great way to engage them. At the start of the evening, have someone announce that there’s an elf on the loose! Leave festive clues for kids to find throughout the evening. When the game is complete, have the “elf” reveal themselves along with Santa!

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

For a lighthearted way to bring everyone together, this is a perfect option. Of course, supply your guests with gingerbread house kits. Everything from frosting, sprinkles, candy, and more. Your guests will have a set amount of time to decorate their houses. Choose a judging committee, and at the end of the game, the winner receives a prize! 

Christmas Karaoke

With all the Christmas songs out there, doesn’t it just make sense to sing? You can’t go wrong with karaoke. Set up a projector, mic, and stage, and you’re good to go! Pick from all of your holiday favorites. Encourage guests to sing in groups, too, for extra entertainment!

Cookie Exchange

There’s nothing quite like Christmas cookies. If your family is famous for baking or cooking, this is a great tradition to start this season. Have guests bring an assortment of baked goods to your gathering. If they’re not all eaten by the end of the night, encourage guests to bring some home! You won’t have to worry about dessert, either!

Ready to Plan Your Family Christmas Gathering?

Although “Christmas” is a theme in itself, don’t you want to take it up a few notches? There’s so much you can do to make it the best holiday season yet. Bringing your family together for the holiday season is priceless. Whether you’re looking to host a Tropical Christmas, Grinch’s Christmas, an Ugly-Sweater Christmas, or more, Salero’s got you covered. Salero is here to make your holiday experience a truly special one for you and your loved ones. Surrounded by the peaceful shores of Rehoboth beach, Salero is an idyllic setting for your next Christmas gathering. With a spacious dance floor, windows that overlook the water, and 5-star menus, it’s a prime location for Christmas cheer. Feel free to reach out to one of our expert team-members today. Start planning your family Christmas party today.