It’s time to tie-knot! What better way to celebrate than a feast with all your favorite foods at your wedding? Let us guide you on how to plan your wedding in these steps. Then, you will be ready to plan your flavorful menu!

Let’s start with a checklist first to get organized with the following items: 

  • Figure out your budget
  • Consider a wedding plan application
  • Download Pinterest (for inspiration)
  • Deciding on invitees
  • Choosing your sidekicks
  • Picking a venue (food, decor, and more)
  • Create a registry
  • Think about the before and after party
  • Pick your date and send invitations
  • License to marry
  • Visit the county clerk for your marriage license
  • Select your rings
  • Countdown until your big day, and enjoy!

Your Wedding Menu: Customized To Your Taste

Serving food for a large group of people can be more to handle than you initially thought. There are many things to consider, from special dietary requests to fussy eaters. No matter what the challenge may be, Salero would like to help ease your burden on your special day. 

Your Restaurant Wedding

You may consider hosting your wedding party at a professional venue. Some may offer all-inclusive packages that can provide food for guests. In addition, we have highly trained culinary artists that can bring your vision to life. If you wish to learn more about our savory foods, please visit Salero on the Beach’s Menu.

Menu Ideas Just for You

It takes time to consider what you want your ideal menu to look like. Some menu style examples involve buffet, stationed food, per plate, and family-style.

If you choose to have a buffet-style dinner, guests can go up and grab their food as they wish. This may be great as there is more food liberty with this choice. Be careful, though, as the buffet line can quickly become crowded and disorganized if everyone crowds the table at once. 

Food stations may work for you if you like the buffet-style dinner but don’t want the hassle of people grabbing their food. Stations often have servers offering food to guests as they wish, which may be more enjoyable. In addition, this option allows more food flexibility; certain stations can be dedicated to your favorites for all to enjoy.

A per-plate dinner is the most formal and traditional option where guests are served at their seats. The menu for this choice is often pre-selected by guests, and chefs already note special diet restrictions. Consider this option if you have a roomy budget and want to have one less thing to worry about!

Everyone remains seated at the dinner table with the family-style option. Like at home, family members and guests pass around bowls and dishes of food. Similar to the per-plate option, this menu style is less formal and easier on your wallet.

Your Ultimate Decision

Whether you decide to go all out or do your best to fit the budget, any of these menu styles are great to consider for your wedding. It’s essential to keep your needs in mind when picking your ultimate wedding menu. If you’re still thinking about how to plan a wedding, Salero invites you to check out our website for different ideas that could work for you. At Salero, we offer new services for corporate events, holiday parties, and beach weddings. We would love to share our gorgeous oceanfront spaces along Rehoboth beach for your day to remember.