You’re engaged, and it’s time to start planning the wedding.  Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a beach wedding since you were a little kid or it’s a new concept that caught your eye.  Either way, there are many factors to consider when choosing between beach wedding venues.  Here are things to keep in mind as you plan your dream beach wedding.

Consider the Location 

When selecting wedding venues, couples need to consider many things.  How will your guests get to the ceremony?  You don’t want to choose too remote of a location.  If it’s a destination wedding, provide suggestions for travel and accommodations to your guests.  Double-check that vendors can easily access the location of your ceremony as well.  Resort venues that double as lodging and have their own vendors can be a great way to check multiple boxes at once.

There are many types of beaches in the world, and not all are great for weddings.  Will there be other people on the beach?  Do you need a beach permit?  Wedding ceremonies should be in private locations so that you don’t have strangers in the background of your photos. 

Wear Appropriate Beach Attire 

A beach wedding is likely to be very warm, so everyone should dress accordingly.  Not only should the bride look at wedding dresses for the beach, but the groom should consider the heat as well.  Think light, airy materials when it comes to choosing outfits for the entire wedding party.

You also want to make sure your guests are comfortable.  Make it clear on your invitations whether your wedding is going to be on or near the beach.  Specify the dress code and remind guests to wear sunscreen.  Having sunscreen and bug spray available is also a good idea.

Another part of beach attire to consider is shoes.  No one wants to struggle on the sand in heels.  Plan accordingly by purchasing flats, wedges, or having the bridal party go barefoot.  Some couples choose to have a shoe station at their beach wedding where guests can swap their fancy footwear for a pair of flip-flops during the ceremony.  

Plan for the Weather 

Beach wedding venues are often very windy.  Choose decorations that won’t blow away and make sure your chairs are stable as well.  It’s a good idea to have shade available for at least part of the event so that guests aren’t tired out from being in direct sunlight all day.

While you obviously want sunshine at a beach wedding, plan for rain.  Have a tent or alternate ceremony location ready to go in case of emergency.  It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your special day. 

Install a Sound System 

The ocean is beautiful, but it is also loud.  Use a sound system for your beach wedding ceremony so that everything can be heard clearly.  Don’t expect your voice to carry as it would inside.  You don’t want your vows drowned out by the wind and waves.

Technology can backfire at the worst times.  Have a professional set up your sound equipment and check it in advance so you know it will work.  Consider how the wind will interfere with the mics, and plan accordingly.  

Looking at Beach Wedding Venues? 

Want to have a beach wedding?  Salero is the perfect location.  Our amazing oceanfront view on Rehoboth Beach is perfect for your ceremony and our newly renovated ballroom works well for receptions of all sizes.  Choose the location now so you can move on to choosing other details like wedding dresses for the beach. Book your wedding at Salero today by calling (302) 841-2229 or visiting us online.