Two things that ought to always be fun are beaches and birthdays.  When you combine the two, the possibilities are endless.  No matter how young or old you are, a beach birthday can be an exciting and memorable event.  There are some things you need to know if you want to have a beach birthday party.  Here are some tips and beach party ideas so you can have the best birthday ever.

Utilize the Theme — or Don’t 

When having a beach birthday party, you have a theme right there in the name.  Feel free to make decor and food that relates to the beach and ocean.  There are tons of fun beach party ideas online that you can try, as well as many pre-made decorations that fit in this theme if you aren’t a DIYer.

On the other hand, don’t let a beach birthday limit your imagination.  Just because your party is at the beach doesn’t mean that it has to be all about the beach.  Have a celebration based on a favorite movie or decade.  It’s your party, so make the theme anything you want it to be.

Plan for the Weather 

A beach birthday is generally associated with the summer, but you don’t have to be born in July to have your party at the oceanside.  A beach birthday party can work at any time of year as long as you plan for the weather.  Going to the ocean in January will look different than the same place in June.  Both can work with the proper planning.  Dress appropriately, and remind your guests to do the same.  

Whatever the season, it’s a good idea to have a place to go inside in case of rain.  This can be a tent or a building.  Even if it stays sunny during the entire party, having a shady area is nice.  Use umbrellas or a canopy to provide a cooler place for guests to sit out of the summer sun.  

Have Downtime as Well as Things to Do 

The only thing worse than going to a party with nothing to do is going to a party with too much to do.  For a beach birthday or any other event, it’s best to find a balance between planned activities and time to mingle.  You don’t want your guests to be bored or overwhelmed.  Pick a couple of fun games and leave the rest of the time for eating, talking, and walking on the beach.  Part of the fun of a beach birthday is getting to be by the water.  Schedule time for swimming, tanning, or whatever beach activity you and your friends most enjoy. 

Pick the Best Location 

For a beach birthday party, you don’t want to worry about a bunch of other people.  A crowded beach makes it more difficult for you to have the birthday bash you planned on.  One way to guarantee that you will have your own space is to rent a private venue.  That way you can set up in advance, get help from the venue, and know you’ll have your own space for your beach birthday party.

Looking for a Place to Host a Beach Birthday? 

Want to have a beach birthday party but not sure where to host it?  Salero has you covered.  Our beautiful oceanfront venue has spaces for indoor and outdoor events.  Salero can accommodate any beach party ideas with our expert staff ready to assist in everything from planning to catering.  To learn more, visit Salero online or call (302) 841-2229.