Some may picture a stuffy, boring affair when thinking of a corporate event. What’s so inspiring about corporate events with business people? 

If you’re reading this, you know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only are corporate events a ton of work to plan and execute but, if done right, they can be the most fun event of the season. 

Since we want your next corporate party to go off with a bang, we put together a few decoration tips and inspiration you can use when planning the best corporate event your company has ever hosted.

Use Color and Lighting

Color and lighting are two of the first things your guests will notice when they walk into your event. They can turn a plain event space into an exciting party zone.

Not every corporate event has to be in a boring room with sterile walls and no decor. If you’re planning an epic corporate event, check with the venue to see if they have lighting options available and if you can bring in a colorful backdrop of some kind. 

Lighting has the potential to elevate an event from boring to something unique. 

Lighting can bring your conference or event to life and create an immersive event experience. Simple colored lights or 3D projections go a long way, and up-lighting can transform an event space.

Incorporate Your Logo and Branding

Get creative and brainstorm some ways to use the company logo at the event. Classic ideas include an ice or sand sculpture, which puts the logo at center stage without being overly showy. 

Floor graphics are another popular way to display your logo. You can use them to direct attendees towards one area of the event, like the bar area or the dance floor. 

If you want to wow guests, take note of how Snapchat used its logo creatively at an SXSW festival party:

As you can see, Snapchat’s iconic ghost logo is front and center at this event. It creates something for guests to interact with and also increases their brand exposure because attendees will surely be posting their photos on this swing on social media.

While a logo-shaped swing may not be in your event’s budget, there are more affordable (and realistic) options, like a step-and-repeat with the company’s logo and branding. Guests will still be taking photos and sharing them, and it’s a great way for people to commemorate the fun they had.

Use Texture to Add Dimension

If your event includes a speaker or group of speakers, create a compelling backdrop that will draw the audience to the stage. Be sure to implement color, texture, and text to really make it pop. 

Corporate parties and events don’t have to be stuffy or dull. Adding color or a feature wall will spice up the room, create conversation, and encourages guests to explore the venue.

While an impressive backdrop like this one may require an outside vendor to create and install, it will be a huge contributor to making your event memorable.

When planning a corporate event, don’t be afraid to go big! Whether your budget is large or small, there are some spectacular design and decor choices you can make to make this event memorable and inspiring for every attendee. 

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