Finding out the gender of your baby is an extraordinary moment! Sharing that special moment with friends and family can create memories you and your child can look back on for years. There are countless last-minute gender reveal ideas to choose from, and Salero would like to share a few with you that we think would make your event stand out from the rest.

Gender Reveal Party Games

Playing games is a great way to get the family involved, and it creates lots of tension as they wait for the much-awaited gender reveal! 

Last Minute Gender Reveal Ideas

Popping carnival balloons

Pink or blue? Have your family members use darts for popping balloons filled with neutral-colored confetti. One lucky balloon will have either pink or blue. Don’t stop till it pops!

Hitting a pinata filled with colored confetti

Which lucky strike will release the confetti? Each guest should take a turn hitting the pinata until the final hit leaves a trail of pink or blue.

Release the balloons!

Decorate a cardboard box with pink and blue decorations and have someone put the colored balloons inside. Gather everyone on the patio before carefully opening the box, and watch as a flurry of balloons floats into the sky.

Scratch and reveal

Who said gender reveal party games couldn’t involve gambling? So hand out your pennies as guests scurry to scratch and reveal the gender of your baby! Make sure to give guests a countdown beforehand to build up suspense.

Colored M&M’s 

After deciding on your gender reveal ideas, you’ll need a snack break. This game requires minimal effort and requires you to put pink and blue M&M’s in a giant baby bottle. Guests should then count how many of each color there are in total. The highest number between colors will be ruled champion, and finally, the reveal!

Reveal Through Cupcakes

These yummy cupcakes will have either pink or blue frosting when bitten into, and they will also make for a delicious party treat. Everybody is happy!

Confetti Poppers

Each parent will hold one popper, and when the timer goes off, both parents should pop them simultaneously! Of course, mistakes happen, so don’t worry if your popper doesn’t go off and your partner does. Try again until you see the long-awaited color burst into the sky!

Get Messy (Literally!)

Many parents are super creative with these genders revealing ideas. One of these creative ideas involves the parents wearing white clothes as the guests hold buckets of pink or blue paint. The final result will be the paint being thrown onto your clean white garments, ultimately revealing your baby’s gender. We get it if this isn’t your thing, but it seems like lots of fun!

Have a Glass of Champagne

Mom, we know you need a break. Mom, we also know you can’t have alcohol! Have someone fill your champagne glass with club soda or sprite and drop in a teaspoon of gender-reveal edible glitter. The color will quickly change to pink or blue, and your guests will jump for joy.

Hydrate Your Guests

After a long day at your gender reveals party, guests will need a drink! Have everyone grab a water bottle along with a mystery powder packet. Guests will pour the boxes into their bottles, revealing the color.

As you take the time to choose from these last-minute genders reveal ideas, Salero invites you to view our article, Future Parents: 5 Creative Ideas to Throw a Gender Reveal Party for more event planning inspiration. 

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