A gender reveal party is a popular event for expecting parents to reveal the sex of their arriving baby. Oftentimes, a trusted family member or friend of the expecting couple finds out the sex of the baby beforehand, keeping it a secret until the special reveal day. There are so many unique gender reveal party ideas that all offer different themes and ideas. They share the common goal of creating an exciting way to reveal the baby’s sex, whether that be through a simple blue or pink cake, or even a plane flying in the sky that sprays blue or pink paint! 

However simple or extravagant of a route you choose, Salero offers a beautiful beachfront venue space with comprehensive and personalized packages to provide all the necessary pieces to create your memorable day. Here are 4 beachy party ideas that will be a guaranteed fun time for all! 

Four Cute Gender Reveal Party Ideas for a Beachfront Setting

“Under the Sea” Ocean Themed Party 

Salero provides the perfect backdrop of the ocean. Why not utilize that remarkable view and throw an ocean-themed party? Create pink and blue marine life-themed invitations, perhaps with a cute tagline such as “Let’s ‘Sea’ What It Will Be” in reference to the baby’s sex. Let the team at Salero cater a treasure chest cake that can be cut by the expecting couple to reveal either a pink or blue edible gems inside. Finish the event by handing out party favors–perhaps pink or blue boxes filled with ocean scented candles or body scrubs, and a few pieces of saltwater taffy to tie the whole theme together. 

Surfer Themed Party

Surf’s up! A surfer-themed party comes with a lot of fun ideas–from decor to snacks! Move the party indoors into Salero’s exquisite oceanfront event room, where everyone can imagine they are coasting through the waves! Allow Salero’s culinary artist Chef David Horton to cultivate a wonderful lunch or dinner buffet, catered exactly to your palette. Create a Surf Rock playlist that can be played using Salero’s AV sound system. Bring it all together with a trip down to the beach where guests can go snorkeling to find the gender-revealing sign underwater!

Beach Bonfire Themed Party

There is nothing quite like a nice bonfire–especially one where you can hear the sounds of the waves crashing into the shore and have your toes in the sand. The party can be held later in the day so that by the time sunset comes, the bonfire can get started. Have a special smores dessert bar catered by the wonderful team at Salero. A wonderful finale to reveal the baby’s sex can be to use pink and blue flame colorant in the fire, providing a magical sight of pink or blue flames illuminating in the eyes of all of your family and friends.

Beach Paint Party

If you’re wanting something wildly different, prepare for fun and laughs with a paint party in the sand! Stock up on pink or blue chalk paint and some water guns, and instruct your guests to wear white garments that they don’t mind getting dirty. Before the paint reveal, have your guests sip on delicious drinks and beach-themed cocktails (and mocktails for the mama!) using the wide variety of Salero’s liquor, beer, and wine selection. Enjoy an easy-to-eat buffet style appetizer bar to snack on during the fun. End the festivities with pink or blue beach towels revealing the news about the new baby as party favors. 

Whatever your dream gender reveal ideas are, you can count on Salero to make your dream event come to fruition!