Your favorite coworker has reached retirement, and you want to celebrate all they have done for you and the company. If it is a small company, you may want to have a small retirement party in the break room. If you prefer to include family and friends, it is usually better to hold the event at another location. The party planners at Salero On The Beach want to offer 4 fun ideas for retirement parties for you to consider.

1. Remember When? 

One of the best ideas for a retirement party centers around the Guest of Honor’s career with the company. If they started 30 years ago as a Junior Accountant, everyone should dress in the style of that century. Place an old small desk somewhere in the corner with a raggedy chair, a stack of fake papers, and folders on the desk. Give the GOH all the grunt work, tell them to file the paperwork, and work unimportant accounts. Exchange nametags with titles to indicate changes in their position. 

Progress through their career in the company. If the GOH has only been with your company for a few years and came in at a management position, a “This Is Your Life” retirement party may be better. Represent the monumental events of their life, not just their career. Have a podium for speeches. Invite former retirees and friends to come and recant fun stories. Allow as many people to speak as is reasonable and that have great stories. This themed retirement party is always light and fun and gives guests a chance to wear costumes.

2. A Celebrity Roast

A popular retirement party theme for a Guest of Honor that has always been in management–giving orders, and making decisions–is a Roast. For this event, guests will have seats on the floor and a stage is set for the GOH. Roasters can come up from the audience, adding to the surprise. Be sure to prescreen all roasts. You do not want anything said that is derogatory or outright mean. Aim for funny and slightly rough on your retiree. After the roast, clear chairs so guests can eat, drink, mingle and share stories.

3. Favorite Hobbies or plans for retirement

One popular idea for a retirement party is to feature the Guest of Honor’s favorite hobbies or plans for retirement. If they are a golfer, make golf your theme. If she has purchased a home on the lake to redecorate, focus on items that will help with this goal. Travel may be the goal for the retirement years. A party on the beach is an excellent theme to show exotic locales she has plans to visit. Serve foreign foods and drinks, and decorate with iconic items from future travel locations.

4. Coffee King or Queen

Is the retiree a coffee hound? Do they have a coffee mug in their hand at all times? Have a retirement party with guests bringing coffees or coffee accessories. Plan speeches from coworkers, especially those highlighting the GOH’s workplace habits. Serve coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos with tiramisu, scones, biscotti, chocolates, and cheesecakes. Alcohols that mix well are amaretto, Irish creams, Kahlua, and hazelnut liqueurs.

Honoring the retiree is the most important thing to remember about retirement parties. This event is being held to show respect and thank them for their years of service. They may have been the best leader the company ever had; let them know that. They may have been a steady cog in the machinery that deserves appreciation. Choose a retirement party theme that best suits that retiree. Make it all about the retiree and their interests. 

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