If you’ve just proposed or been proposed to, you’re probably riding high on cloud nine. Congratulations! Getting married is truly a fantastic time. Though wedding planning and preparations are time-consuming, you can’t forget to celebrate with an engagement party. Bring your loved ones together to commemorate this new era. 

Engagement parties showcase your love and honor your union. You’ll need to know some engagement party etiquette to throw a perfect party. Here, we detail the best tips and answer all of your questions. Let’s get into it! 

Engagement Party Ideas: The Dos and Don’ts 

When planning your big bash, there are many details to remember. You’ll want to decide who’s hosting, pick a date, send out invites, choose a location, plan a menu, and more. 

All that aside, remember that this is your day! Let yourself have what you desire. Here are some engagement party ideas that will put your mind at ease when the day comes:

Meet the Family Beforehand

If you haven’t met your partner’s family yet, or they haven’t met yours, it’s time! However, the engagement party is probably not the best time to meet the family. An engagement celebration can feel overwhelming and busy, so connecting will be challenging if you’re meeting for the first time. 

There will be many loved ones there to toast your union. Meaning you’ll likely get interrupted a few times! You don’t want to worry about making a first impression on the family. Remember, this is your day to delight in the engagement and relax! 

Create an Invite List

An engagement party can be far more casual than your actual wedding. With this in mind, you’ll still want to invite everyone on your wedding list. Keep things intimate; send out your invites at least a month in advance, and include an RSVP date. Opt for mailed invitations if you’re going for a more formal gathering. You could even personalize them by matching them with your wedding theme and handwriting them. For something more informal, opt for an e-vite. With those, you can keep things casual, choose a fun design, and track RSVPs online.

Formal vs. Informal Gatherings

Depending on who you are as a couple, choosing whether you want a formal or informal gathering will be essential. Does a casual backyard shindig tickle your fancy? Or does going all out with a wedding planner give you butterflies? Whatever it may be, deciding on formality will help you (and your planner) organize your day. 

When to Throw Your Party

Likely, your friends and family want to celebrate you throughout this engagement. It’s best to have your party earlier in the wedding planning process. That way, you’ll be able to space out festivities and budget appropriately. 

Choosing Your Decor

Who are you and your partner as a couple? Choose your setting and decor with this in mind! Consider a daytime gathering with field games, an open bar, and a photo booth. 

Or, opt for something more intimate with an evening candlelit dinner and elegant flower arrangements. All in all, the decor is dependent on your vision. 

Pro tip: match your attire to your party theme to enhance the overall vibe. 

All Things Engagement Party Gifts

Some people can feel lost when it comes to engagement party gifts. But there’s no need! 

Bringing an engagement party gift is not necessary. Your wedding invitations will include a registry where guests can satisfy their gift-giving desires. It is not customary to have an engagement registry. If guests choose, they can bring a gift from your wedding registry to celebrate you! Nonetheless, it’s not mandatory at these events, so there is no need to overthink it.

Share the Joy of Your Upcoming Union

Calling in a planner will create a smooth experience in organizing your engagement party. With the help of a wedding planner, you won’t have to focus on engagement party decorations, invitations, or headcount. You’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself and your loved ones. 

The team here at Salero is ready to assist you in bringing your visions to life for your engagement party. Our staff will handle your engagement party with the highest quality service. 

Our venue’s oceanfront view, booming sound system, 5-star menu, and dance floor will set the stage for a party you’ll never forget. Contact us to start planning!