At Salero On The Beach, we have hosted a wide variety of themed weddings. Some of the most enjoyable events have been in October, and have been Halloween-themed weddings. Without a doubt, a Halloween wedding is a unique and amazing way to celebrate love.

Planning your wedding in October certainly does not mean it has to be a Halloween-themed wedding. But, if you are looking to add some spirit to an otherwise fairly serious event, a Halloween wedding is a fun opportunity to do it.

Fun Halloween Themed Weddings to Consider

Guests enjoy being in on the theme too. Themes make everyone feel like they are an integral part of the event. Some of the Halloween-themed weddings that we have loved include:

Costume Contest

One of the most popular Halloween wedding ideas is a Costume Contest. Instruct your guests to come in their finest costumes. More people will participate and put in more effort if you tell them there is a contest. The bride and groom may prefer that the wedding party are in traditional attire for the actual ceremony. Just be sure there is a way to turn it into a costume or completely change clothes for the reception.

Vampire or Werewolf theme

We have seen numerous vampire weddings and a few werewolf-themed. At one memorable Halloween wedding, the bride, her bridesmaids, and her guests dressed as vampires. The groom and his groomsmen and guests were werewolves. This mix made for great wedding photos.

Fantasy Being

Another popular Halloween wedding theme is to dress as a fantasy being. This theme may include some previously mentioned costumes but also opens the door to others: fairies, superheroes, leprechauns (good or evil), and any other being that the guest dreams of being. The last wedding of this type had a fairy bride and a Superman groom.

A Murder Mystery

One very ingenious bride decided she wanted her Halloween wedding to be a version of the story Murder on the Orient Express. Everyone dressed in their best 1930’s attire. Salero On The Beach provided the guest that died so that none of the wedding guests had to disappear. The ”murder” occurred during the wedding and was discovered when everyone rose to go to the reception. The “deceased” was left sitting in his chair on the beach. The reception followed the storyline with members of the wedding party playing the main characters.

Other Halloween Wedding Ideas

Some couples do not want to have a full-out Halloween wedding. They may simply choose to use orange and black as their colors in honor of the month and its implications. The decorations would consist of fall items; fresh pumpkins, hay bales, autumn leaves, scarecrows, and corn stalks would be decorative items for this wedding theme.

Do What Pleases You

A wedding should be about what makes the bride and groom happy. If you are a conventional couple and October was selected for reasons that had nothing to do with Halloween, do what pleases you. You can have a classy, elegant wedding in October just as in any other month. The determinant is what you convey to your attendants and your guests. If you want a conventional wedding, indicate formal or semi-formal on your invitations. Likewise, if you have a Halloween wedding idea with costumes, be sure you acknowledge that on your invitations. If you want a distinct theme, you must let people know from the very beginning.

We have had some fabulous weddings at Salero On the Beach, including tearjerkers, and laugh makers. The number-one rule that we follow is making the bride and groom comfortable and pleased. If you want a conventional wedding in October or a Halloween-themed wedding, we can do that for you. We look forward to the opportunity to make your dreams come true.