Everyone loves a great party! Unfortunately, party planning can take much time out of your personal life. Salero wants to offer you these tips to help lessen the load for your important day.

Launch Party Planning Tips

If this is your first rodeo, a launch party is held to get the word of your business out! A launch party can create buzz, whether a product or a company you just opened. This can be incredibly beneficial to your brand and should be executed with absolute expertise. Expect this layout to generate a booming turnout for your upcoming launch party. 

  • Find your venue
  • Figure out who is attending
  • Pick a theme
  • Send out your invites
  • Be the first person to greet your guests!
  • Create a Social Media Blast
  • Share an impactful speech
  • Network with others
  • Offer promotional items and gifts
  • Have food ready for your guests
  • Leave an impact

Launch Party Ideas

What event will guests be attending? Once you understand your purpose for throwing your launch party, half of your hassle is gone. Setting a reasonable time for your party planning will be worthwhile to keep your guests engaged. 

Live Concert

Set the mood for your event before your guests even walk in! Hire a live band to play music to create an intimate setting for all to enjoy. Music is a great mood-booster and will impact anyone who attends positively.

Free Lessons

Some of your guests may arrive simply to show up, which may seem significant initially. However, if you wish to create more engagement at your party, consider hosting free lessons related to your topic or theme. People always have room to learn, especially at no extra cost to their wallets.

Gift Bags

Travel size lotions, chocolates, and more, people love to take things home! Feel free to bring in items from local vendors for your guests to enjoy. Not only will you support businesses in the area, but guests will also feel appreciated.

Set Off Fireworks

Boom! Make noise at your party with a beautiful presentation of lights in the sky. This is great as people will start taking photos and sharing them online. More shares mean more traffic to your business!


It’s okay to admit that we all love free stuff. So why not share that with your guests? Consider doing a giant product giveaway or creating lottery tickets to leave your audience with a bang. This method will get everyone excited for what’s to come! Giving away items people are likelier to use, like headphones, water bottles, and desk items would be your best choice. Personalized scratch-off cards could be used to showcase your business logo while giving away free swag. 

Running out of launch party ideas? Here at Salero, we are experts at party planning. We understand you want your next product launch to be a success, so leave the rest to us! Our oceanfront venue sits on Rehoboth Beach, where the views are gorgeous. Impress your guests with our wide array of fabulous dishes curated by our talented chefs. So hit the ground running and reach out to our staff at Salero to host your next launch party. For more information, visit Launch Parties or contact us directly today.