Winter weddings, though less common, are a magical way to celebrate your love. The wintertime is a season seeping with romantic allure. Deep crimson color palettes, snowy mountains, cozying up by a bonfire, twinkly lights – what’s not to love? If your big desire is a winter wedding, then go for it!

Not sure where to start in your planning process? Take a look at these top tips and need-to-knows for planning a winter wonderland wedding. 

Winter Wedding Dresses and More: The Essentials

There are many essentials to take advantage of when the big day arrives. One of the most important elements is the dress. Winter wedding dresses can be whimsical, and enchanting, and keep you warm. Trust that you don’t need to cut corners to stay toasty on the big day! In fact, it’ll be one of the most crucial details to keep in mind.

Layer up to avoid shivering at the altar. An elegant, long sleeve gown is our top recommendation. Some fabrics even include a velvet element for added thickness and warmth. However, if a long-sleeved gown isn’t your thing, incorporate a faux fur wrap or shawl. Wear fleece leggings under the dress, and have hand warmers on deck. 

Being comfortable should be your top priority for yourself and your guests. Here are a few other suggestions to consider:

Space Heaters

Provide space heaters everywhere – and we mean everywhere. Is part of your wedding outside? If so, it’ll be key to include as many heaters as possible to keep yourself and your guests comfortable. 

Pro tip: include extra shawls, wraps, hand warmers, and blankets. That way, guests can choose from many options for more heat. 

Hot Beverages

Welcome your guests with hot beverages galore. Think apple cider, hot toddies, hot chocolate, and tea. This will keep your guests warm indoors and outdoors while creating a cozy ambiance. 

Coat Check

Consider wearing winter jackets and snow boots while trekking to the venue if it’s snowing outside. A coat check is a must since guests will likely do the same. It will allow everyone to easily change out of warm boots and into a formal shoe option for the reception.

Snow boots and layers will be essential if you take some wedding photos outside. Shed your layers at the coat check once you’re complete! 


Lighting is a crucial element of any event, but especially a wedding. It sets the mood and changes the atmosphere. Ditch the colorful Christmas lights and opt for candles and warm, low lighting. 

Winter Wedding Colors to Consider

Another important facet of your winter wedding is the color palette. It establishes the theme of the event and sets the tone significantly. Depending on your preferences, you could take a few different directions. 

Are you looking for a modern, elegant atmosphere? Opt for a blue and gold or silver and white theme. These colors are sure to create a winter wonderland effect. Or, if you’re looking for a traditional, inviting feel, opt for crimson and gold. The deep reds and glistening golds are warming and enchanting. 

Pro tip: match your winter wedding colors to your floral arrangements (and lighting!). Florals are a necessary component of any wedding. Get creative and incorporate your palette in the bouquet and the table configurations. Add pinecones, ribbon, earth tones, and berries to the bouquet for a wintery touch. 

Ready to Plan a Winter Wonderland Wedding?

If you follow these tips, your winter wedding is bound to be spectacular. From beautiful color palettes to an ethereal ambiance, getting married in the wintertime is a charming choice. 

The team here at Salero is ready to incorporate everything you have your heart set on. Our 5-star chef, oceanfront venue, and high-quality staff will bring your dreams to reality. 

Reach out to us to get started!